University of North Florida (UNF) State Authorization Status

State Authorization of Distance Education is a complex and dynamic environment. Prospective students should check this site often for updates.


The University of North Florida  seeks to deliver all of our fully online programs in every state. However, the complexity and fluidity of requirements in some states, including differing requirements by academic program, make this impractical.


From the list below, please click on the state in which you currently reside and review its current status, including any special requirements which may exist for your academic program of interest. If the University of North Florida cannot currently provide distance education in your state, or if your program of interest is excluded, please check back as the information changes often.


Alabama  Hawaii  Michigan  North Carolina  Utah 
Alaska  Idaho  Minnesota  North Dakota  Vermont 
Arizona  Illinois  Mississippi  Ohio  Virginia 
Arkansas  Indiana  Missouri  Oklahoma  Washington 
California  Iowa  Montana  Oregon  West Virginia 
Colorado  Kansas  Nebraska  Pennsylvania  Wisconsin 
Connecticut  Kentucky  Nevada  Rhode Island  Wyoming 
Delaware  Louisiana  New Hampshire  South Carolina   
District of Columbia  Maine  New Jersey  South Dakota   
Florida  Maryland  New Mexico  Tennessee   
Georgia  Massachusetts  New York  Texas   


Important Note for Prospective Students: If you are considering an academic program that leads to a professional license in your state, it is highly recommended that you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency in your home state BEFORE beginning the academic program located outside your state.

Information for current UNF Distance Learning students

The following links will assist you in navigating resources for resolving any complaints or concerns you may have about how your UNF academic program is administered.

For information UNF's accrediting agency (SACS), please visit

For information regarding the Florida Board of Governors, please visit

 You may also find helpful links located in our undergraduate and graduate catalogs:

For the Division of Student Affairs at UNF, please visit the UNF catalog

For the UNF Student Ombudsman office, please visit the Ombudsman homepage.

However, if your concern cannot be resolved internally with UNF, you may file a complaint with the appropriate agency within your current state of residence.

Specific questions about UNF State Authorization of Distance Education can be directed to Ms. Lilith Reigger at or 904-620-1755.