Moseley uses IRA to create scholarships

 For Linda Moseley, there could be no more fitting memorial to her late huband, Dr. Thad Moseley, than the nursing scholarship she recently established in his name.

“Thad was a surgeon,” Moseley said. “Surgeons, perhaps more than most other medical specialties, work with and depend on and appreciate well-trained, skilled nurses. I am grateful I can do this.” She was referring to her $100,000 gift to fund the Thad M. Moseley, M.D. Endowed Scholarship.

Thad Moseley died in 2002 at age 83. He served as the president of the Duval County Medical Society and the Florida Medical Association. He was also an Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Looking back on her husband’s career, Moseley, 80, fondly remembered him as a “born teacher.” He played a major role in organizing a full-time teaching faculty at UF&Shands, as the hospital is known today, and helped the hospital achieve its affiliation with the University of Florida College of Medicine.

His classroom was wherever he happened to be at the moment. “Thad loved to teach and found opportunities everywhere he was — bedside, operating room, lecture hall, parking lot — both at Riverside [Hospital and Clinic] and at University Hospital [now UF&Shands] where he was volunteer chief of the surgical service for a number of years,” Moseley said.

Thad Moseley was the first president of UNF’s Foundation Board from 1971 to 1973. He was an adviser to several University presidents, beginning with Dr. Thomas Carpenter, UNF’s first president. Last year he was posthumously awarded the University’s Presidential Medallion.

“Linda is a wonderful person who has always had a high regard for UNF,” said Dr. Pierre Allaire, vice president for Institutional Advancement. “Certainly, this tribute that she has created for Thad, the first UNF Foundation Board president, is a superb way to recognize an outstanding individual in the University’s history.”

linda-moseleyMoseley looks forward to speaking with the students who are awarded the merit-based Thad M. Moseley, M.D. Endowed Scholarship. ” can hardly wait to see and meet the first recipients,” she said.

What would she want the students to know about her husband? “I would tell them he had a great admiration for nurses and the nursing professions,” she said, adding that her husband would be “amazed and overjoyed to see what is going on in the medically related fields at UNF today.”

In making her gift, Moseley made use of a new IRA option which enabled her to make an outright gift to an the University through a direct transfer from her IRA without paying income tax on the funds.

“IRAs can cause tax problems if not carefully monitored, especially for someone my age,” she said. “I had thought of a gift annuity, but the scholarships could not have started until I died, so I decided on the outright gift from the IRA. I would highly recommend the IRA route for anyone thinking about scholarships.”