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icon Instructor Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Students: Legal and Practical Guidance for Colleges Webinar
2 Hours

College life can present particular challenges for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students. Even in the more welcoming environment often associated with higher education, certain situations can present significant legal, human and ethical dilemmas for the school. From housing to campus clubs to locker rooms, colleges and universities need to have policies and personnel to address the needs of these students and make the experience a positive one.


In today's post "don't ask don't tell" world, colleges and universities need a clear understanding of the laws that apply to them regarding their LGBT students. They should also have the internal policies and procedures in place to foster an educational environment that serves all students.


Please join Jessica Gabel, associate professor of law at Georgia State University College of Law, as she discusses the necessary steps colleges and universities should take to ensure they deal with LGBT legal and practical issues, develop appropriate policies and procedures, provide a safe learning environment, handle discipline issues and limit liability for the school, its administrators and staff.


Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • LGBT rights and school obligations in public schools vs. private schools.
  • LGBT rights and school obligations in colleges and how those differ from K-12.
  • Discipline and harassment issues.
  • LGBT access to student housing, restrooms and activities.
  • Curriculum considerations.
  • Transgender issues for same-sex schools.
  • School obligations for acts of other students, faculty and staff.
  • Managing student organizations that promote or oppose LGBT causes or membership.
Audience: Open to all

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