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icon Instructor Disability Recognition
1.5 Hours

This highly informative and engaging workshop will prepare you to be able to understand how disability accommodations can affect student performance and how students and student veterans with visible and invisible injuries can successfully navigate the academic rigor of a university setting.  Through this interactive workshop, you will be able to learn the behavioral characteristics students and student veterans possess in the classroom.
Learning Outcomes:
-Become more aware of your own multiple identities
-Grow in understanding of secondary or invisible identities
-Become more aware and respectful of difference in others
-Articulate some of the advantages and impacts of a diverse society
-Become more open to listening to views or opinions different from your own
-Better understand some of the impacts of privilege
-Become more committed to issues of social justice
-Gain practical skills in communication, active listening, and/or facilitation that you can apply in situations to help bring about equality, diversity, and inclusion
-Become more aware of students with visible and invisible disabilities
-Understand the accommodations available for UNF students
-Recognize the behavioral characteristics of the student with disabilities in the classroom
-Recognize student veterans with PTSD and TBI issues
-Rusty Dubberly, Director, Disability Resource Center (DRC)
-Rich Carey, Transition Coach, Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC)
 - Bob Shepherd, Ombudsman
 - THRIVE Representative
 - Mental Health Counseling Representative


Audience: Student Affairs staff only

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