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icon Instructor Providing Exceptional Service to Angry or Difficult Customers
3 Hours

Learn on-the-job peacekeeping skills that will help you prevent blowups, mediate disputes and foster teamwork. You will learn how to defuse conflicts involving negative or hostile internal or external customers.

You can turn complaints into opportunities to create satisfied customers: It's a matter of learning what works. Although situations vary, the way you communicate often plays a large role in whether you succeed in meeting the customers' expectations. Learn to identify what the customer really needs from you to ensure satisfaction. By focusing on the process rather than simply the task, you can impress both internal and external customers with your ability to:

  • Use the four R's of customer service to create an alliance with the customer
  • Identify the most common expectations of most customers
  • Re-group after a challenging customer interaction
  • Stay solution-focused and manage conversations with angry customers

Designed for everyone who deals with people daily, the skills learned in this course will provide you with the tools that will work with your external clients and customers, as well as with co-workers and staff.

Audience: A&P, Faculty, USPS, OPS, Student OPS

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