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Change Management

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icon Instructor Change Management Overview
1 Hour
Change is the only constant in today's world. Dealing with the topic of change can be a difficult matter, particularly in an era where things are changing so quickly and so constantly. This course outlines strategies for coping with change and the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors change may bring.

Learning Objectives: Identify attitudes and beliefs about change, recognize the stages of change, understand possible reactions to change and how to handle them, learn tips and coping strategies for change.
Audience: A&P, Faculty, USPS, OPS, Student OPS

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icon Instructor Thriving Amidst Change
3 Hours

Change has become a constant in most working environments, and learning to ride the waves and survive -- even thrive -- is an essential workplace skill in the 21st century. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to:


  • Identify the characteristics and effects of informed, involved, and imposed change
  • Navigate the rollercoaster ride of emotions that often accompany even desirable change
  • Identify the stages of grief that accompany the journey from denial and resistance to exploration and acceptance
  • Employ reliable strategies for survival, including skill-building, short- and long-term planning, and networking
  • Recognize the opportunities that accompany the challenges presented by change scenarios
  • Develop the personal and professional qualities that characterize people who thrive during times of change
Audience: A&P, Faculty, USPS, OPS, Student OPS

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