CPDT uses Microsoft Outlook to handle all training room reservations for existing training courses found in our course catalog. Internal UNF trainers can access the calendar by following the below instructions. External trainers who wish to reserve a room can do so by calling CPDT at (904) 620-1707 or email training@unf.edu.


Accessing CPDT's Room Reservation Calendar

To locate the training calendar through Outlook, first ensure that you are on the “Calendar” tab on the bottom left-hand corner of Outlook.




Now select “Open Calendar” from the “Manage Calendars” section on the Home tab of the ribbon. 


Open Calendar 


Select “From Address Book” from the drop-down menu. 


From Address Book 


Type “Training” into the “Global Address List” (Address Book). 




Select “Training Ctr Prof Devel (CPDT)” from the top of the generated list.




Select “OK”. 




The training calendar will now open up and the link will show on the left-hand pane of your calendar.


Calendar Shown 


Note: The CPDT Training calendar will stay linked on your Outlook list until you remove it.