Employee Lifelong Learning at UNF

The University of North Florida has established policy and is committed to providing faculty and staff with employee learning opportunities.

  1. Faculty support is provided through The Office of Faculty Enhancement and the Center for Instructional Research and Technology.
  2. Staff and faculty support is provided through The Center for Professional Development and Training, in collaboration with other departments.


Office of Faculty Enhancement

The mission of the Office of Faculty Enhancement is to support all UNF faculty members in teaching, research, and service, and to facilitate growth of a university culture that champions innovation, the use of technology, cooperation, and ongoing professional development and research.

Center for Instruction and Research Technology 

CIRT offers expertise, resources, and training to assist faculty in ways that enable them to develop greater capacities for using technology for teaching and research. Services include equipment checkout, conference poster printing, and the preparation of images and figures for publication. The facility is open to all UNF faculty and CIRT staff are available to consult on a variety of topics, including digital audio and video production, instructional technology integration, online learning tools, and specialized project support.

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (HR), in collaboration with the Center for Professional Development and Training, offers numerous training and professional development opportunities. HR also provides individual training upon request by departments. Examples of individualized training include Personnel Action Forms, timesheet creation and approval, writing position descriptions, and OASys training. Together with the Registrar's Office, HR manages the Employee Education Program, a tuition waiver plan open to UNF employees and designed to encourage lifelong learning. Weekly New Employee Orientation (NEO) programs are held for all new staff members (Support Staff and A&P).

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity offers a variety of training opportunities to faculty and staff on prevention of discrimination and harassment in the workplace and recruitment-specific training, in collaboration with the Center for Professional Development and Training. These sessions are offered on an ongoing basis, including seminars conducted through the yearly Professional Development Forum. Equal Opportunity Programs conducts specialized, customized training upon request by individual units. The EOD Office also administers the Employee Educational Leave Program, a university initiative that provides paid educational leave (contingent upon funding), for all permanent university employees meeting program requirements.