Payroll Forms and Information

2017 W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Complete Form W-4 so that UNF can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. Consider

completing a new Form W-4 each year and when your personal or financial situation changes.


Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form so that your payroll and other payments, including expense reimbursements, received from the University are direct deposited to your bank account.


Foreign National Tax Information Form  (Use Internet Explorer to open form)

For foreign nationals, complete the Foreign National Tax Information Form so that the university can determine foreign national status, process appropriate payment and comply with the U.S. Income Tax Laws.


Foreign Visitors Honoraria Eligibility Certification (Use Internet Explorer to open form) 

For Foreign nationals visiting on a B visa or visa waiver and will perform services to the University, the Foreign Visitors Honoraria Eligibility Certification must be completed in regards to compliance with the 9/5/6 rule.


2016 W-2 Wages and Tax Statement Employee Notice and Instructions

Important information and guidance from the Internal Revenue Service regarding information contained in your 2016 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement


Extension of the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act

Information regarding changes to employment taxes beginning January 2013


Clothing Exempt from Taxation

Chart to assist departments in determining clothing provided to university employees is considered taxable


Online Cell Phone Allowance Form Guide

Guide to process Cell Phone Allowance Form requests online through myWings self-service portal


Tuition Scholarship for Spouse, Dependents and Domestic Partner

Information regarding Tuition Scholarship and federal tax requirement (grid below)



Employee Education Assistance Program


Undergraduate job-related

Undergraduate non-job related

Graduate job related

Graduate non-job related



taxable in excess of $5,250


taxable in excess of $5,250

Tuition Scholarship for Spouse, Dependents and Domestic Partners 





Employee Spouse



Teaching or Research Assistant

Employee Dependent (IRS claimed)



Teaching or Research Assistant

Employee Domestic Partner