Student Financial Services Office Policy-Collections

Payment for tuition is due by the published deadline. Students whose account is not paid in full are sent e-mails thoughout the semester to their UNF e-mail account notifying them of a debt due to the University. Students should be checking their UNF e-mail account regularly, but at least  once a week as this is our primary means of communication. Students with debts remaining at the end of the semester are sent a pre-collection letter, which gives the student 30 days to pay the University directly before collection activity begins. Once the account is sent to the collection agency, collection charges up to 33 1/3 percent are assessed and added to the balance due.  Students must pay the balance in full before holds are lifted and transcripts, diplomas or registration activity can occur. Please note that the collection agencies remit payment to the University for the amounts collected the previous month so holds are not released immediately. All litigation of disputes of these charges will be done in the state of Florida. 


Below are some commonly asked questions regarding collections:

I've been sent to a collection agency-who do I contact about this?

Once your account has been sent to a collection agency, you should contact them regarding your account.  You will receive correspondence from them with their contact information 

 I've been sent to a collection agency-can I pay at the Student Financial Services Office?

You may pay at the Student Financial Services Office if you are paying in full (including the collection charge) and with certified funds (cash, money order, cashier's check).

I've been sent to a collection agency and can pay it now, but don't want to pay the additional collection charge. Can it be removed?

No, Students are sent several e-mails during the term before they are sent to a collection agency. When first sent to an agency, the agency sends out a pre-collect letter, giving the student 30 days to pay the University directly without incurring any additional charge. If the account is not paid within the 30 days, collection costs are added and the collection charge cannot be reversed.

I paid the collection agency in full, how can I have the hold lifted to register?

We will contact the collection agency, verify that you've paid in full and paid with certified funds. We may lift it temporarily to allow you to register but the hold will not be lifted permanently until we receive payment from the collection agency, which will be the middle of the following month after they receive your payment in full.

For additional information, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.