Florida State College at Jacksonville and the University of North Florida partner to connect your experiences from one campus to the other seamlessly.


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Connect Program

The University of North Florida and Florida State College at Jacksonville have made it easier for students to transfer between the two schools with their new Connect program. We know it can be difficult figuring out how to make the transition from one school to the other so we did the hard work for you. All you really have to do is keep up your grades and stay in touch. We’ll do the rest.

Connect was designed to help you purposefully plan from Day One at FSCJ to transfer to UNF when appropriate. We’ve done a lot of the work so you can concentrate on going to class, making meaningful contributions to campus and maintaining your GPA. While you’re studying, we’ll work behind the scenes to make sure your transfer from FSCJ to UNF is as seamless as possible.
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Making the Connection


There are a few ways to enter the Connect program, and each is fairly easy.
  • During the application process (or even once admitted) simply declare your intent on the FSCJ application, website or intent form.
  • If, during the application process at UNF, your application is deferred or placed on hold, a counselor from the Transfer Student Services office might suggest this program and help you to apply.
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Putting it Together

With you in mind, we have designed the program to make sure you have every advantage. Once you have declared your intention to transfer to UNF and participate in Connect:

  • FSCJ has a full-time adviser at each of its campuses to aid in your academic transition to UNF
  • UNF will share with you all deadlines, application, advising information and any program-related information you need to become an Osprey
  • UNF will provide access to academic advisers to ensure success in the classroom and beyond
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   Lock the Pieces in Place

o  Apply for admission to 

    UNF or FSCJ
o  Talk to an academic adviser     

    about possible paths to make     

    your goals a reality
o  Complete intent form in 

     person or online
o  Meet regularly with advisers at 

    FSCJ to ensure everything is 

    lined up for a smooth connection   

    with UNF

o  Take a campus tour at UNF
o  Meet with UNF’s Transfer 

    Student Services counselor
o  Stay on top of your coursework
o  Meet with faculty members often
o  Develop good study habits
o  Learn time management skills
o  Learn to SWOOP!




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