Information Item# 1 – Memo from the Provost, Office of Academic Affairs (2015/2016- Dec) 

Disapproval of Legislative Calendar #FA 15-44, ISQ Timing


Date:              November 12, 2015

To:                  Chip Klostermeyer, President
                        Faculty Association

From:              Earle Traynham, Provost
                        Academic Affairs

Subject:          Explanation of Disapproval of FA 15-44, ISQ Timing


The Faculty Affairs Committee raised the issue of the timing of ISQ administration during the summer terms and made the following recommendation:

The Faculty Affairs Committee proposed adjusting the time.  ISQs are open to be completed from the day after the withdrawal date to prior to the last day of class. Further it was recommended that if the language in the new CBA is an impediment, then that language be amended.

This resolution was approved as Item FA 15-44, ISQ Timing at the November 5, 2015 meeting of the Faculty Association, and was forwarded to me for approval or disapproval.  While I am sympathetic to the issue raised by the Faculty Affairs Committee, on the advice of UNF’s Chief Negotiator, Leonard Carson, I must disapprove this action.  Quoting directly from Mr. Carson: 

By law, UFF has been certified as the exclusive bargaining agent for the faculty on wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment.  This means that management cannot deal directly with the faculty on those subjects, but must negotiate through the bargaining agent…..    If management deals with FA on those subjects, UFF can charge management with an unfair labor practice for the reason that management’s action undermines the exclusive role of the bargaining agent.  This is further complicated because the president of FA is also a member of the BOT, the ultimate management entity.

Since the administration of ISQs is an issue covered by the CBA, any changes to the language must be resolved through collective bargaining.