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Agenda Packet: November 2, 2017

Legislative Items
FA 17-46R Brooks College of Health (Graduate) - (Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences): - New Courses & Program of Study Change (1 package)
FA 17-48R Hicks Honors College (Undergraduate): - Program of Study Change (1 package)
FA 17-52 (2nd Reading) Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment Second Reading: - Update the Charge for the Adjunct Affairs Committee in the Business of the Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award Proposal
FA 17-53 College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate) - (Biology, History, Mathematics & Statistics, School of Music): - New Courses, Courses Changes, and Programs of Studies changes (7 packages)
FA 17-54 College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) - (Communication and School of Music): - New Courses and Program of Study Changes (2 packages)
FA 17-55 Brooks College of Health (Undergraduate) - (School of Nursing): - Course Change (1 package)
FA 17-56 Family Leave Resolution -
Information Items
#1 Elections for the Nominations and Elections Committee
#2 Exemption to Course Attendance Policy Accommodation