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2018 Presidential Diversity Award;


To acknowledge and honor the exemplary efforts of a student, faculty, or staff member who: 

  • Increases the appreciation for, and the awareness of the benefits, importance, and relevance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Works to advance the efforts of the university to be more diverse and inclusive, identifies and challenges obstacles, and identifies and builds assets and strengths. 

Nominations are closed 

Nominations were made online by completing a simple form. The deadline to submit was April 13. Nominees have been notified and will have until 5 p.m. on May 4 to submit their candidate packets.


There will be one (1) award for $2,500, for an individual.


All UNF students, faculty, and staff are eligible.  

Nomination Criteria

Nominations may be made by any person and nominees may self-nominate. Nominees should be those who engage in diversity and inclusion initiatives, organizational programs, and/or systemic activities and efforts. Nominees should create or enhance opportunities for UNF students, faculty, and/or staff to develop in ways related to diversity and inclusion.

Screening and Selection Procedures

For purposes of the award selection process, diversity and inclusion initiatives are defined as organizational programs, activities, and efforts, designed to promote and support differences in people and society that may include race and ethnic origin, gender, ability, religion, age, education, sexual orientation or other differences.

The selection process includes:

  1. Nominations were accepted between April 2 and midnight, April 13. Nominations are closed.   
  2. The Commission on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) has contacted all nominees and communicated the information required for a completed candidate packet.  
  3. Nominees are required to submit the following documentation by Friday, May 4 before 5 p.m.. Incomplete or late packets will not be considered by the selection committee. 
         ~ A personal letter written by the nominee outlining the activities and achievements that demonstrate their contributions toward diversity and inclusion [no more than two (2) typed pages]
         ~ Two (2) letters of reference [each being no more than one (1) typed page]
  4. The award selection committee will review the candidate packages and select two (2) to three (3) nominees to interview. They will then, based off a combination of criteria ratings, make a recommendation to the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) by the end of May.  
  5. CODI will confirm the selection committee’s recommendation [may handled electronically].  

Award Notification

The selected nominee will receive notification of the award before the end of June. Public acknowledgement and the recipient’s award presentation will be made during the 2018 fall convocation, by the University President or designee.

For More Information and to Submit Candidate Packets

For more information, email or call 904-620-2583.

Nominees should send completed candidate packets by 5 p.m., May 4, either by email to or by U.S. mail to:

University of North Florida
Office of the President

c/o Commission on Diversity & Inclusion 
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32224