CODI Mission


The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion mission is to advise the University of North Florida President on diversity, inclusion and racial equality pertaining, but not limited to (a) strategies, policies and praxis for new, revised and modified initiatives in support of our vision; (b) recruitment, retention and/or admission of faculty, staff and students of color as outlines in the university’s strategic plan; (c) inequities based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status and other group categories designated by law, ordinance and university policy; and (d) communication and awareness across campus constituencies (faculty, staff, students and the many publics). 


The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion is interested in acknowledging and honoring exemplary efforts and awards for those who promote, foster and demonstrate understanding and appreciation for advancing and celebrating diversity and inclusion. Any recommendation will be considered, from the UNF community or otherwise. If you have a recommendation you would like to see included on this website, please submit by  Email.