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Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

Executive Committee

April 11, 2016 ~ 3:30 p.m.

President's Conference Room



Members in Attendance

Edythe Abdullah, Cheresa Boston, Lucy Croft, Mark Dawkins, Christopher Janson, Tom Serwatka, JeffriAnne Wilder 

Members Absent 

Nancy Broner, Daniel Moon 

Item 1 Welcome 

Chair Abdullah welcomed members to the meeting. 

Item 2 Retreat Update 

Chair Abdullah stated that at the upcoming retreat, CODI members would participate in Cultural Competencies Pursuit 101. She noted that the university had engaged a consultant to help with strategic planning and the remainder of the time would be dedicated to that. Chair Abdullah clarified that the retreat’s second session was scheduled for June 8. 

Item 3 Cultural Competencies – University-Wide Initiative 

Chair Abdullah stated that Student Affairs had developed a series of eight courses intended to explore biases and develop practices to overcome those biases.
She asked commission members to discuss cultural competencies, as a university-wide initiative for CODI for the upcoming year.

Commission members discussed a CODI goal to get every UNF employee through the first cultural competencies course, starting with an opening retreat-type event for university leadership. The group discussed who would teach the course, noting that interested faculty and Student Affairs were likely choices. The commission clarified that this initial roll-out of the course(s) would result in a charge that would lead to the vision of cultural competency at UNF.  

Item 4 Discussion on Diversity Directory 

The commission discussed a diversity directory for the purpose of supporting new and existing minority faculty and staff. The group spoke about the dilemma of defining and selecting minority groups. One suggestion included creating a social media presence. 

Item 5 Noodles and Networking Update 

Chair Abdullah provided an update on the Noodles and Networking initiative, noting that the series was well attended. She clarified that there were two events remaining and plans were to continue the series. 

Item 6 Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award 

Chair Abdullah updated the commission on the Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award, noting that there were 10 submissions and that the nominee would receive notification May 6, 2016.  

Item 7 Diversity Database Demonstration 

As promised at the last CODI meeting, Chair Abdullah demonstrated the diversity database provided on CODI’s website at  

Item 8 Adjournment 

Chair Abdullah adjourned the meeting.