Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

Full Commission
March 3, 2016 ~ 1:30 p.m.
President's Conference Room

Item 1 Welcome

Item 2 CODI Redesign

  • Flow chart 
  • Commission membership composition 
  • New bylaws and committee structure 
  • Two to three university-wide initiatives a year 
  • Late spring strategic planning with commissioners 

Item 3 Presidential Diversity Award

  • One award for individual leadership 

Item 4 Website Revisions and Additions

  • Calendar of events 
  • Diversity tracking by college, division, student majors and departments 
  • Resource center for posting articles 
  • How the website might represent the university community and other significant contributors to diversity and inclusion 

Item 5 Cultural Competency Initiative in Student Affairs

Item 6 Adjournment