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Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

November 14, 2017 - 2:00 p.m.

Student Union, Ballroom A


Item 1 Call to Order and Welcome to New Members

Chair Serwatka will call the meeting to order and welcome new members.
  1. Curtis Phills - Assistant Professor, Psychology
  2. Thomas Beaucham - President, Student Government  
  3. Ruth Lopez - Director of the International Center 

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (September 21, 2017)

The Commission will review and approve the minutes from the last meeting held on
September 21, 2017.

Item 3 Update on CODI's Difference Appreciation Initiative

Alison Cruess will update members on progress being made on the Difference
Appreciation Initiative.
  • Tracking chart 
  • Ascending to Fuller Equity workshop (Serwatka/COEHS - Oct. 20) 
  • Building a Culturally Responsive University (Dawkins - Nov. 3) 
  • Courageous Conversations: Intersection and the Isms (Cruess - Nov. 30) 
  • CODI Conversations 

Item 4 Minority Faculty Recruitment - McKnight and SREB Conferences

Chair Dawkins will update members on minority the faculty recruitment conferences. 
McKnight Conference
October 13-15, 2017
Tampa, Florida
2017 Participants: Dr. Mark Dawkins, Dr. Emma Apatu
36 candidate names collected

SREB Conference
October 26-29, 2017
Atlanta, Georgia
2017 Participants: Dr. Emma Apatu, Ms. Doretta Leung, Ms. Cinda Catchings

Item 5 Update on the 2017 HEED Award Application

Alison Cruess will discuss the use of an online form for data collection. 

Item 6 Campus Climate Survey

Dr. Edythe Abdullah will provide a brief update on the campus climate survey. 

Item 7 CODI's Next Meeting Date - February 2018

Alison Cruess will discuss the use of a doodle poll for selecting the date/time for the
February and April CODI meetings.

Item 8 Announcements for the Commission

CODI members will share information from their areas relating to diversity, inclusion
and equity.
  • Dr. Jennifer Lieberman and Dr. Laura Heffernan will talk about teaching
    efforts regarding diversity & inclusion.  
  • Humanities Initiative - Chair Serwatka will speak about the Humanities Initiative, a student essay competition for this year.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences is creating a series of panel discussions focused on race, diversity, and inclusivity. These events will begin this spring.

Item 9 CODI Conversations

Sheila Spivey, director, Department of Diversity Initiatives, will lead a discussion
on how are we engaging the campus community in embracing diversity.

Item 10 Adjournment

Chair Dawkins will adjourn the meeting.