Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

Ad Hoc Committee - Campus Climate Survey
November 29, 2017 ~ 3:00 p.m.

Academic Affairs' Conference Room



Item 1 Welcome

Chair Abdullah will welcome those in attendance to the meeting.

Item 1 Approval of Minutes (November 7, 2017)

Chair Abdullah will ask for approval for the minutes from the Ad Hoc Committee’s November 7, 2017 meeting.

Item 3 Information Collected from the SharePoint Site

Chair Abdullah will ask for feedback from information collected from the SharePoint Site.

Item 4 Collecting the Highest Response Rate

Committee members will discuss how to collect the highest response rate.

Item 5 Q-Sort Methodology

Committee members will discuss the possibility of using Q-Sort methodology.

Item 6 Including Gender and Sexual Harassment Questions

Committee members will discuss the possibility of including gender and sexual harassment questions.

Item 7 Past and Future Survey Response Rates

Chair Abdullah will talk about past response rates and how to ensure a high response rate for the upcoming survey.

Item 8 HERI and ACPA Surveys – Comparisons to National Data

The committee will discuss two surveys provided on the SharePoint site and discuss comparisons to national data.

Item 9 Survey Questions

The committee will discuss student questions. 

Item 10 Adjournment

Chair Abdullah will adjourn the meeting.