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Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

Ad Hoc Committee - Campus Climate Survey
October 12, 2017 - 3:00 p.m.
Herbert University Center 


Item 1 Welcome and Introductions Chair Abdullah will welcome Ad Hoc Committee members and ask that everyone introduce themselves.


Item 2 Observations Regarding Prior Survey Chair Abdullah will lead a discussion on observations from the last campus climate survey.

Item 3 Insights Based on Other Surveys The committee will discuss insights based on other campus climate surveys. 

Item 4 Identification of Proposed Outcomes of the Survey The committee will discuss potential outcomes for the upcoming campus climate survey.

Item 5 Tasks, Assignments, and Next Steps The committee will discuss tasks, assignments, and next steps for the upcoming meeting. 

Item 6 Next Meeting The committee will discuss the next meeting date for the Ad Hoc Committee. 

Item 7 Adjournment Dr. Edythe Abdullah will adjourn the meeting.