Distance Learning Committee (DLC) Members 

(Academic Year 2017-2018)

Member Program(s) Represented
Deb Miller, Chair     Academic Affairs/Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT)
TBD, Co-Chair  
Georgette Dumont  College of Arts & Sciences
Bryan Knuckley      College of Arts & Sciences
Cheryl Van Deusen  Coggin College of Business
Chiu Choi  College of Computing, Engineering & Construction
Suzanne Ehrlich      College of Education & Human Services
Debra Wagner Brooks College of Health
Megan Kuehner

Graduate School

Lisandra Carmichael Thomas Carpenter Library
Dmitriy Bond Information Technology Services (ITS)
Theo Mason Student Government Association
Sean Davis Campus Technology Committee
Co-rep. Parvez Ahmed & Co-rep. Claudia Sealey-Potts Faculty Enhancement Committee