The WTS Dana Hook Leadership Legacy Scholarship

Founded in 1977, the Women's Transportation Seminar was created through the efforts of 40 women involved in transportation in the Washington, DC, area who recognized that a mechanism was needed to enhance professional and personal advancement and to develop industry and government recognition of the increasing involvement of women in the field of transportation. WTS is now an international organization of more than 5,000 transportation professionals - both women and men representing cities and states in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.
Part of the WTS goal of fostering the development of women in the transportation field can be realized by encouraging bright new professionals to undertake careers in the area of transportation.  The WTS Scholarships are awarded to women pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in transportation or a related field that demonstrate leadership skills, ability, and interest.
The WTS Dana Hook Leadership Legacy Scholarship
The WTS Northeast Florida Chapter will nominate a local graduate level student for this scholarship and that student's application will then be sent to WTS International where the student will then be eligible to compete to win a $5,000 scholarship.


The general scholarship criteria include:
• Open to women
• GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Currently enrolled in a degree program in Northeast Florida in a transportation-related field such as engineering, planning, finance or logistics
• Plan to pursue a career in transportation
Scholarship applications will be due by November 4th.  Specific criteria are included in each application.  More information is also available on the WTS Northeast Florida Chapter website,