BBA International Business: KEDGE/UNF

Undergraduate double degree program - earn one undergraduate degree from France and one from the US. 


The new KEDGE/UNF Double Degree is an exciting opportunity to combine a love of French language and culture with an interest in international business.  Today's job market seeks graduates who have gained skills beyond those learned in the classroom; independence, cross-cultural communication, adaptability, flexibility, and open-mindedness are just a few of the traits an international double degree program can help cultivate. 


French language background is preferred but not required to participate in this elite program.  Students complete two years of study at each highly accredited institution for a total of four years and earn two bachelor degrees:



KEDGE Business School 

Marseille, France


University of North Florida 
Jacksonville, FL, United States

The program culminates with a six-month internship at a company in the student's non-native/host country: either France or the US. 


The experience and knowledge that KEDGE/UNF Double Degree students gain by living, studying and learning about business practices in two different countries prepare them for successful careers after graduation. 


Curriculum and Degree Information 
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