• Ibero–AmericanMBA Curriculum

    The Ibero–AmericanMBA curriculum for the current and next cohorts is available at the links below. To understand the tables, recall that each university in the consortium selects a small group of students who function as a single cohort, studying together throughout the program, with the exception of the first term which is completed on–line. The opportunity to live, study, and travel with students from other nations represents one of the most important learning experiences in the Ibero–AmericanMBA. Instruction is both in English and Spanish.

    Upon successful completion of all program requirements, each student earns two master's degrees.



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    Example Curriculum 

    Below are a list of links to sample syllabus for that course. These merely provide an overview of the topics and design of the course. The precise syllabus used for your cohort may differ somewhat from the syllabus, depending on the professor, text, etc.


    On–line Courses 


    Instituto Universitario ESEADE | Buenos Aires, Argentina 


    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos | Madrid, Spain  


    University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL 


    Throughout Program 



    Travel Schedule    


    Degrees Earned 

    Upon successful completion of all program requirements, each Ibero–AmericanMBA student earns two master's degrees:

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UNF – AACSB Accredited
    • Masters in Administration and Management of Latin American Business from URJC (Máster en Administración y Dirección de Negocios Iberoamericanos de la URJC)

    Also, students will receive a certificate of participation from ESEADE, but they will not issue a degree.

    The Ibero American program is a dual–degree program. Students must complete ALL program requirements to earn both degrees. Is it not possible to complete part of the program and earn one degree.