Tuition & Fees


Consistent with the terms of the exchange agreements, each GlobalMBA student pays tuition and fees only at his or her home institution.  Except for a GlobalMBA program fee, and except for a student fee covering public transportation for the term at TH K, no institution will charge fees to non-native students.


Note: For the purposes of this document, the term native student refers to a student for whom a given institution is the home institution, rather than to the student's nationality (e.g., a student selected by UNF for the GlobalMBA program is a native student at UNF, but a non-native student for all other consortium schools).


Program Fee

The GlobalMBA fees charged are designed to cover program costs, including director travel, co-curricular activities, program promotion, application and transcript fees, etc. Each institution agrees not to charge program fees that, in the aggregate, exceed its cost of operating the GlobalMBA. Therefore, the total GlobalMBA fees charged by all consortium institutions may be allocated in different amounts to different institutions, depending on their individual costs.


The GlobalMBA fee is $1,300. UNF will post a charge to all GlobalMBA students' accounts at UNF, regardless of the student's native institution, in August. All payments will be made to UNF prior to the first day of the program in Germany.  Students who have not paid the GlobalMBA program fee by the first day of class in Germany will not be permitted to continue in the GlobalMBA program.  The GlobalMBA program fee is non-refundable. Students who choose to leave the program, either by choice or by not meeting minimum academic expectations, will not receive a refund of the GlobalMBA fee.


Other Program Costs 

Students are responsible for all costs associated with the program (e.g., home-school tuition and fees, program fee, transportation, lodging, living expenses, insurance, books and supplies). UNF-selected students can view the estimated costs for the following cohorts: