Diann Catlin

Etiquette Consultant

Diann Catlin of Lessons in Etiquette (www.lessonsinetiquette.com), is an Etiquette Consultant based in Jacksonville Florida. She teaches and trains primarily Corporate America on the need for Professional polish. She loves to communicate in both the spoken and written word with one goal in mind: to make the world a more courteous and welcoming place, one person at a time.

Mrs. Catlin was the key writer and Editor of three Florida magazines: Jacksonville Home and Hospitality, Jacksonville Lawyer Magazine and Orlando Lawyer Magazine.

Her first book “Whatever Happened to Nice?” came out August 1st of 2010 and presently she is working on a children’s Etiquette book.: “When to Burp, When to slurp! and other such etiquette myths children wish were true “
Mrs. Catlin’s thirty years of teaching etiquette include a variety of clients: athletes, law school students, post graduate students, debutantes, wait-staffs, children and a huge variety of businesses.
Humor and stories support her method of teaching, and you are sure to be entertained while gaining a wealth of knowledge.