Coggin Ambassador Program


Coggin Ambassadors (CA's) are outgoing, connected and ambitious business students that serve as student representatives of the Coggin College of Business; they are role models to current and prospective Coggin students and are the face of the college to the business community. CA's play an integral role in the marketing and execution of programs and events including career fairs, networking events, career workshops and the STAR Program.  They also represent the Coggin College of Business at various on and off-campus events.


Through their service, Coggin Ambassadors have the opportunity to network with their peers and business professionals, learn about the job market, and enhance their résumés. In addition, it is not uncommon for CA's to make connections during their term that lead to job or internship opportunities.


Application Process

The Career Management Center staff selects Coggin Ambassadors at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Students must submit an application, essay and an updated résumé in order to be considered for the program. Please click the link below for more information and to download an application for the next ambassador cohort. Coggin Ambassador Criteria 



Click here to apply for the 2017-2018 Cohort 



Applicant Requirements:

  • S.T.A.R. Certified (or will complete by beginning of term)
  • GPA of 2.75 or higher and in good academic standing
  • Junior, senior, post baccalaureate or graduate student status with a business major
  • Be able to complete at least 20 service hours over the course of the semester
  • There are no hour requirements for summer; however, there may be opportunities to volunteer for those who are in town. These hours can count towards fall requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:  

  • Current member and actively involved with a Coggin College of Business Club
  • Strong knowledge of the CMC's services and programs, and/or experience working with the CMC office


For more information, please contact the Career Coordinator Melinda Santos at or (904) 620-2067.

Fall 2016 Coggin Ambassadors

 CA Fall 2016 - Blake E 

Major: Transportation & Logistics, Management | Minor: International Business
Graduation: Fall 2016

Blake is a senior double majoring in Transportation & Logistics, Management, and minoring in International Business. He began his collegiate career by swimming on a 2- year scholarship at Daytona State to earn his Associate's Degree. He then transferred to UNF and moved back to his hometown of Jacksonville to pursue his Bachelor's Degree. Blake has been a mentee in the Coggin Mentor Program, and served on the Executive Board in the Transportation & Logistics Society club. He is also a returning Coggin Ambassador, and member of Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity. Blake also studied abroad in Marseille, France during the summer of 2015. Outside of UNF, Blake has interned at AV Logistics, and is currently an intern at Florida East Coast Railway. In addition, he has begun his sixth year with Atlantic Beach Ocean Rescue. When he is not occupied with school or work, Blake enjoys swimming, relaxing at the beach, and traveling. Upon graduating in December 2016, he wanted to pursue a career in the logistics field. 
Major: Finance
Graduation: Fall 2016

Vuochleang Lim is a senior majoring in Finance with an expected graduation date of fall 2016. She is the first person in her family to attend college. Alongside her academic career, she also serves as the Philanthropy Chair for the Women in Business Society (WBS), is a member of the 2015-2016 Coggin Mentorship program, and has participated in Coggin’s Study Abroad Programs. In her free time she likes to spend time with family and friends, and enjoys playing tennis and soccer.

 CA Fall 2016 - Zack Renna
Major: Finance | Minor: Economics
Graduation: Fall 2016

Zack is a Senior majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics. He is a member of the Economics Society, and the Finance and Investment Society. He is originally from Cherry Hill, NJ where he spent his first two years of college playing D1 baseball at NJIT. In his free time, he likes traveling, fishing, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. Upon graduating in December 2016, Zack plans on obtaining his MBA and working in the finance industry.

 CA Fall 2016 - Emily M 2

Double Major: International Business, Transportation & Logistics
Graduation: Fall 2016

Emily is a senior with a double major in International Business and Transportation & Logistics. She is expected to graduate in Fall 2016. Currently she is active in the Transportation & Logistics Society as the Vice President and Newsletter Editor, and is also a part of the Coggin Ambassador Cohort. She stays busy with her class work, extra curricular activities, and internship. This past summer she had an amazing study abroad experience in Argentina with the help of the Babcock Study Abroad Scholarship and the S.A.I.L.S. scholarship. Emily has also become a student member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and plans to attend the CSCMP annual conference this September. In her free time, Emily likes to spend time with her friends and family, go to the beach, and experience new things and places. Upon graduation she hopes to travel often. She is considering relocating to Miami in the next 5 years to find the right position for her.

 CA Fall 2016 - Jourdan JOURDAN THAXTON
Major: Management
Graduation: Fall 2016

Jourdan Thaxton is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Jourdan is also employed with the University of North Florida and spends much of his time on the UNF campus. When not studying or completing a work related project, Jourdan enjoys volunteering with the Jacksonville Humane Society and promoting the message of animal wellness and humane treatment. Outside of his collegiate career, Jourdan is a budding singer-songwriter, dancer, author, and newly found actor. Jourdan has performed at venues such as the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, the Ritz Theater, Florida Times Union Theater, and most recently the annual Friday Night Music Festival held at the Jacksonville Landing. Managing a challenging and perplexing schedule has become second nature to the local “Prince of Pop Music”. Jourdan is looking forward to tackling his first movie role in the Spring of 2016, releasing his debut album Summer 2016 and graduating Fall 2016. After the completion of his undergraduate degree, Jourdan plans on continuing his career path with UNF as well as furthering his musical endeavors. 
 CA Fall 2016 - Gina Akel GINA AKEL
Major: Transportation & Logistics, Marketing
Graduation: Spring 2017

Gina is a senior double majoring in Transportation & Logistics and Marketing with an expected graduation date of Spring 2017. Gina is the first person in her family to attend college. She is currently the Membership Coordinator and Secretary for the Women in Business Society, and the Recruitment Assistant for the Transportation & Logistics Society. In previous years, Gina served on the Women in Business Society and Delta Sigma Pi executive boards. Gina is thankful for the endless networking opportunities the Coggin clubs have given her and wishes to share those experiences with others. Upon graduating, she plans on pursuing a career in the Logistics field. In her free time, Gina enjoys hanging out with her family, friends and Goofy (her dog).
 CA Fall 2016 - Lindsey Mahoney LINDSEY MAHONEY
Major: Business Management | Minor: Psychology
Graduation: Spring 2017

Lindsey Mahoney is a senior majoring in Business Management and minoring in Psychology. She is involved with UNFs Woman in Business Society, the Coggin Mentor Program, UNFs Vegetarian and Vegan Association, and more. She is currently participating in a Psychology Practicum as an intern with the Non-Profit, Head Start, and also an employee of UNF, working on campus. In her free time she enjoys playing the drums and guitar, going to concerts, photography, volunteering, cooking, reading, and exploring nature. At some point in the future she wants to teach English in another country and then come back to the United States to delve into her business career.

 CA Fall 2016 - Alex R 2 ALEXANDER RUBEN
Major: International Business | Minor: Spanish
Graduation: Spring 2017

Alexander Ruben is a Senior and expects to graduate from the University of North Florida Spring 2017 with a degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. Alex has traveled to many places in Asia, such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam and hopes to pursue a career abroad once he graduates. Alex enjoys cooking in his spare time as well as exercising whenever he can. Alex is also an officer in the University of Florida Marketing Association.

 CA Fall 2016 - Kim Testa KIMBERLY TESTA
Major: Marketing,Management 
Graduation: Spring 2017

Kimberly is a senior double majoring in Management and Marketing. She is the Events Coordinator for the Women in Business Society, and a sister of Alpha Phi. She currently works at the Career Management Center as the Marketing Intern/Office Assistant. In her free time she loves to stay active,read, go to the beach, and hang out with family and friends.
 CA Fall 2016 - Frank Nguyen FRANK NGUYEN
Double Major: Accounting, Finance
Graduation: Summer 2017

Frank is a junior double majoring in Accounting and Finance and expects to graduate in the Summer or Fall of 2017. He currently is the President of Alpha Sigma Pi, an active member of the Rotaract Club, and aspires to continue to look for opportunities to make an impact at UNF. Outside of UNF, Frank is an active youth leader at Celebration Church who loves seeing young students and people commit their lives to something greater. In his free time, he enjoys playing a variety of sports, and treasures the time he spends with family and friends. After graduation, Frank intends to sit for his CPA exam and then seek accounting experience so that he can eventually be able to use those skills for non-profit organizations.

 CA Fall 2016 - Becky Segarra


Double Major: International Business, Management 
Graduation: Summer 2017


Becky is double majoring in International business and Management. She is a current Junior expected to graduate Spring of 2017. Becky is currently an executive board member of the Women in Business society, the Coggin Mentorship program and the Coggin Study Abroad Program. She has had three years of managerial experience as a General Manager for a small business. After graduation, Becky plans to continue her education and obtain her Masters degree with UNF. After finishing school she aspires to work outside of the United States. When Becky is not at school she enjoys spending time with family and traveling. 


CA Fall 2016 - Glynn Y GLYNN YARBROUGH
Major: International Business, Transportation & Logistics
Graduation: Summer 2017

Glynn is a senior double majoring in International Business and Transportation & Logistics. He is an active member of the Transportation & Logistics Society and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Glynn is also a proud recipient of the Coggin Academic Business Scholarship. He is currently interning at the Port of Savannah, GA, working in break-bulk operations. Having completed a study abroad trip to Portugal, he’s planning on traveling to Argentina with UNF for his next trip in summer ‘17. In his free time, Glynn enjoys exercising and spontaneous travel. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Glynn plans to work for a few years then pursue an MBA with a focus in International Business.

 CA Fall 2016 - Daphne S DAPHNIE SUMMERS
Degree: Masters of Business Administration | Concentrations: Management and International Business
Graduation: Summer 2017

Daphnie is pursuing her MBA with concentrations in Management and International Business at The University of North Florida. Additionally, she is a member of the 2016-2017 Coggin Mentor Program. She is enthusiastic to participate in the Coggin study abroad trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in August 2016. Her bachelor’s degree is in Psychology with emphasis in Clinical and Social Psychology; and she earned Associate Degrees in Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and Social Science. As an undergraduate, she was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. In her spare time, Daphnie loves to travel and enjoy the beach. 
 CA Fall 2016 - Joe A


Double Major: Management, Marketing  | Minor: Spanish
Graduation: Fall 2017 


Joseph is an international student from the Philippines who graduated high school in Malaysia. He is currently pursuing two business degrees in Management and Marketing. He enjoys being involved in sports, mainly soccer and basketball. Joseph also likes to draw, practice graphic design and learn new things in the world of business.  He always looks to grow and one day hopes to become successful, emotionally and financially.  Joseph’s goal in life is to be happy and achieve his dreams of becoming a professional athlete and a successful entrepreneur.


CA Fall 2016 - Nick Stover
Major: International Business | Minor: Finance
Graduation: Fall 2017

Nicholas is a junior majoring in International Business and minoring in Finance, and he is expected to graduate in the fall of 2017. Nicholas is a member of FIS (Finance and Investment Society), and also an active member of Coggin Delegation which helps incoming international students adjust to life at UNF. Before his time at UNF, he played two years of Collegiate Soccer and was given academic and athletic recognition during those years. Nicholas spent a semester abroad in Germany, and completed an internship for a startup NPO in Ireland. During his free time, he enjoys the beach, playing golf or any sport, traveling, volunteering at his local Soccer Club, and working out. After he graduates, Nicholas plans on obtaining his Masters for International Business while getting my Bachelors for Finance, and then focus on getting a career in Consulting Management.
 CA Fall 2016 - Bassem S
Major: Accounting
Graduation: Fall  2017

Bassem Shoukry is a junior majoring in Accounting. Bassem was born in Dubai and lived there for 14 years. He then moved to Toronto, Canada, and lived there for 4 years. He is extremely proud to be at UNF and represent the Coggin College of Business as an Ambassador. He is very passionate about travel and cultural exploration. Bassem recently completed a year-long internship at Harbor View Advisors and learned a lot about the investment banking industry. Aside from academic activities, Bassem volunteers at the Jacksonville Humane Society as a “puppy butler”. Bassem also enjoys playing soccer and is always willing to meet up and learn a new hobby like pottery throwing to painting. Bassem is eager to pursue a career in the financial services industry and hopes to one day complete his MBA in Europe.

 CA Fall 2016 - Blake Parrish BLAKE PARRISH
Major: Transportation & Logistics | Minor: Finance
Graduation: Spring 2018

Blake is a junior majoring in Transportation & Logistics and minoring in Finance. He is expected to graduate in Spring 2018. He is an active member in the Transportation & Logistics Society, Coggin Mentorship program, and is planning to patriciate in Coggin Study Abroad Programs. Blake works part-time in corporate events at Crowley Maritime Corporation where he is learning about the Management and the Logistics industry. Blake is an active member at Westside Baptist Church where he plays music on a weekly basis and works with the youth group. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, golfing, playing drums, going to the beach and spending time with his friends and family. Upon graduation, Blake intends to go to work for a Jacksonville based logistics company and pursue a Master’s degree.


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