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Regional Studies Courses

Approved Courses 

The following courses have been approved by the Coggin College of Business for International Business Majors Regional Studies. (International Business Majors Only)  

Students must select two courses from one of the seven following topical areas. At least one course must satisfy the Cultural Diversity (CD) requirement for the Coggin College of Business. Courses labeled CD-GenEd satisfy both Cultural Diversity and UNF General Education Requirement

Classes must be same number AND TITLE to be considered.

Classes are not guaranteed every semester, please see schedule of classes to choose courses from this list.

Any Coggin Study Abroad program can fulfill the regional studies requirement as long as either (1) all 6 credits are in a consistent area or (2) all 6 credits are taken at the same institution abroad.



Asian Studies
ASH 3337 Gandhi and Modern India CD
ASH 3400 20th Century Chinese Civilization CD-GenEd
ASH 3402 Traditional China  
ASH 3404 Modern China  
ASH 3440 Japanese Civilization CD-GenEd
ASH 3441 Japanese Before 1868 CD
ASH 3444 Japanese After 1868 CD
ASH 3448 Hiroshima  
ASH 3601 China Philosophy CD
ASH 3620 Asian Art and Culture  
ASH 3932 Special Topics in Asian History  
CPO 4930 AB The Pacific Rim  
FOT 3552 Women of Muslim-Arab World  
LIT 3193 Literature of the East CD
PHH 3811 Philosophy of Zen Buddhism CD
PHH 3820 Chinese Philosophy CD
PHH 3860 Japanese Mind  
PHI 3664 Ethics East And West  
REL 3310 Asian Religions CD
REL 3330 Religions of India



European Studies
ARH 3428 Modern European Art  
CPO 3123 Politics and Society in Britain/Ireland  
CPO 3151 Politics and Society in France  
CPO 3643 Politics and Society in Russia  
EUH 3120 Medieval Europe CD
EUH 3124 The Crusades  
EUH 3142 Renaissance-Reformation  
EUH 3202 Enlightenment/Power: 1660-1789  
EUH 3205 19th Century Europe CD
EUH 3206 20th Century Europe CD
EUH 3241 The Holocaust  
EUH 3312 History of Spain  
EUH 3320 Eastern Europe CD
EUH 3451 France Since 1789 CD
EUH 3462 Modern Germany CD
EUH 3466 Germany Today CD
EUH 3502 Modern Britain CD
EUH 3530 History of the British Empire  
EUH 3533 Irish History  
EUH 3575 Imperial Russia  
EUH 3576 Russia Since 1905 CD
EUH 3580 Russian Thought/Culture  
EUH 3581 Russia in Asia  
EUH 3990 Nazi Germany  
FRT 3550 Faces of France CD
FRT 4561 Women in French Literature and Culture  
HUM 3524 Great Age of Vienna  
LAH 3135 Spain in the New World  
LIT 3184 Introduction to Irish Literature and Culture CD
PHH 4620 20th Century Philosophy: The Anglo-American Tradition CD



Students may also choose any course from the Spanish Language group except SPW 3130 and SPW 4139 and/or any course from the French Language group except FRT 3551.


Latin American Studies 

ANT 4331

Peoples of the Andes


CPO 3351

Politics and Society of Brazil


ECS 3403

Current Issues in the Economy of Latin America


INR 3248

US-Caribbean / Central American Relations


LAH 3135

Spain in the New World


LAH 3300

Latin America


LAH 3424



LAH 3712

Inter-American Relations


LAS 3020

Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean


LAS 3031

Peoples and Cultures of the Southern Cone


LAS 3033

Peoples and Cultures of Central America & Mexico


LAS 3930

Cultures of Latin American


REL 3443

Liberation Theologies


SPN 3500

Peoples and Cultures of Spain




Middle Eastern & African Studies   

AFH 3450 South Africa   
AMH 3571 Introduction to African-American History                          CD/GenEd  
AML 3621 Black American Literature  
ANT 4352 People/Culture of Africa  
ASH 3200 Ancient Near East  
ASH 3223 Middle East CD/GenEd
CPO 3213 Sub-Saharan Africa  
REL 3330 Religions of India CD
REL 3695 Selected Topics in Jewish Studies CD


International Relations & Policies 

AMH 3511 US in World Affairs CD
AMH 3530 The Peopling of America  
AMH 3544 1960's and Vietnam War  
AMH 4514 Seminar: US Diplomacy CD
ANT 3212 People/Cultures of the World CD-GenEd
CPO 3123 Politics Science In Britain/Ireland CD
CPO 4034 Third World Politics CD
CPO 4930 Topics in Comparative Politics CD
HIS 3307 Modern War  
INR 3016 Global Issues in Contemporary Politics CD
INR 3084 Terrorism Today  
INR 3248 US-Caribbean / Central American Relations CD
INR 4334 American Defense/Nuclear Age  
LAH 3712 Inter-American Relations CD
PHH 3811 Philosophy of Zen Buddhism CD
PHH 4620 20th Century Philosophy: The Anglo-American Tradition CD
POS 3931 Global/Gender Politics  
REL 3443 Liberation Theologies  
SYP 3440 Social Change and International Development CD


French Language 

FOL 3953 Advanced Foreign Language Study Abroad CD
FRE 3280 Listening Skills in French CD
FRE 3402 Advanced French Conversation CD
FRE 3420 Advanced French Grammar CD
FRE 3430 French for Professionals CD
FRE 4501 France Today CD
FRT 3551 Francophone African Literature & Cultures CD
FRT 3800 French Translation Techniques CD
FRT 4561 Women in French Literature & Culture CD
FRW 3100 Survey of French Literature: Pre-19th Century CD
FRW 3101 Survey of French Literature: Modern Period CD
FRW 3810 Reading French Texts CD
FRW 4301 Survey of French Culture through Theater CD



Spanish Language 

FOL 3953 Advanced Foreign Language Study Abroad CD
SPN 3013 Spanish for Professionals CD
SPN 3242 Spanish Conversation  
SPN 3300 Spanish Grammar  
SPN 4400 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Discussion CD
SPN 4410 Advanced Spanish Conversation CD
SPW 3030 Hispanic Readings CD
SPW 3100 Survey of Spanish Literature CD
SPW 3130 Survey of Latin American Literature CD
SPW 4193 Periods of Latin American Literature