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Operations Management 

The demand for operations knowledge and skills from a manufacturing, service and disaster management perspective in Florida and north east Florida in particular has increased. The minor in Operations Management will specifically address the disaster management perspective and needs in Florida in general and north east Florida in particular, and also address operations in the service industry.

Minor Requirements (15 Credits) 



  • MAN 3504 Operations Management (Prereq: STA 2023) 
  • MAN 4550 Management Science (Prereq: MAC 2233 & STA 2023) 


Select 3 of the following: 


  • MAN 4520 Trends in Process Management and Quality (Prereq: MAN 3504)
  • MAN 4702 Emergency & Disaster Management (Prereq: MAN 3504) 
  • MAN 4526 Six Sigma Applications 
  • MAN 4940 Internship in Operations Management



* Transient enrollment at another institution is not permitted. Students should apply through their academic advisor. Catalog: Spring 2018