Healthcare Informatics Certificate

This graduate-level certificate program is designed for information and healthcare professionals that want to increase their knowledge regarding information technology and the management of the complex and organizational issues which are present in healthcare. Students completing this 12 credit hour program are exposed to healthcare IT topics, including data acquisition and analysis, systems design, data security and decision processing. 


Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Apply understanding of a rapidly changing American Healthcare system, the policies driving chance, and the impact of data on diverse healthcare settings
  • Describe the fundamentals of health information exchange and security
  • Discuss the principles governing the management of health information and actions undertaken to secure exchange of information between all users
  • Examine the processes associated with acquisition, implementation, and maintenance of currency in the use of data management systems
  • Evaluate data from multiple sources and use data analytics to create business intelligence 
  • Utilize acquired data management skills to positively impact organizational change

The distance learning section of ISM 6021 counts as one of the four courses in the Healthcare Informatics Certificate program and is also a requirement of the MBA program. Students can earn the certificate within the credit hours of the MBA program by taking the remaining 3 courses (9 credits) as MBA electives. There is no additional cost of application to the certificate.

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