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International Business Program 

The international business major has been designated part of the International Business Flagship program by former UNF President John Delaney. The international business major is designed for students who are excited about the increasing globalization of the business world. Students who major in international business will be prepared not only for doing business domestically, but also for engaging in the dynamic world of global business which includes marketing, logistics, import/export and international finance. A select group of students are able to participate in the double degree program with KEDGE Business School in Marseilles, France. This unique opportunity allows students the chance to spend two years in the south of France, which includes a six month internship. Students selected for this program must have a demonstrated interest in French language, history and culture.

All Coggin College of Business students receive a solid foundation in all functional areas in business, including economics, finance, law, management, and marketing. In addition, all students develop both quantitative skills and communications skills. However, UNF international business majors distinguish themselves from other business majors in five ways.

  • They learn about international aspects of functional business areas, including economics, finance, management and marketing.
  • They become proficient in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above.
  • They learn about a particular area of the world.
  • They complete an internship with an organization actively involved in international business. This training provides international business majors with practical experience that will make them more marketable upon graduation.
  • They are required to complete an international experience, which may include a four week "Coggin in" summer program abroad, a semester abroad or an internship abroad.


About the Program 

On May 17, 2006, the University of North Florida's President John A. Delaney announced that the International Business Program, in the Coggin College of Business, had been selected as a flagship program.

“This program is of the highest caliber,” said UNF President John A. Delaney. “It has the potential to draw talented students from around the world, tackle cutting–edge research projects and help solve problems facing today's businesses.”

UNF's International Business Program was created in 1995 and has quickly become a leader in preparing students for careers in the global market place. A national exam that all of the University's International Business seniors take places them in the top 5%, against more than 100,000 other seniors, in understanding global business concepts.

The International Business Program prepares students by supplementing their knowledge of general business issues with courses that teach functional business areas from an international perspective. As a result of the flagship designation, the International Business Program received $300,000 annually until 2011 to expand and enhance study abroad activities, starting with new opportunities for language study, including collaboration with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

The International Business Program also plans to expand its award winning GlobalMBA program, which won a national Best Practice in International Education award. This program currently focuses on Europe and Asia. A second version of the international double-degree program was launched in 2011, the Global EntrepreneurshipMBA. Additional graduate and undergraduate initiatives will be undertaken as the program looks to the future. 





The International Business major is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to compete in a global job market. As part of the IB major, students are required to complete an international experience, an international internship, and demonstrate foreign language skills.

Foreign Language Requirements

International Business majors are required to reach a specified level of proficiency in a foreign language as a graduation requirement. Students with language background can have UNF determine their appropriate course level.


All International Business & Economics majors in the Coggin College of Business are required to have an international experience to graduate. Most students choose to fulfill this requirement by studying abroad.

Regional Studies

Visit the Regional Studies Courses webpage for more information. Many students choose to fulfill this 6-hour requirement by studying abroad.


  • Please see a Coggin Academic Advisor for an OFFICIAL degree evaluation. The below program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
  • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.
  • View the My Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guide] to keep on track for graduation – should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.
  • A student may receive credit for a course only once. However, the GPA will reflect all repeated courses, unless grade/term forgiveness is utilized.
  • This program is subject to a student fully admitted into the Coggin College of Business.
  • An approved concurrent enrollment form is required prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students are not permitted to enroll in courses at another institution during their final semester at UNF. 



Prerequisites (21 credits)

21 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required in all prerequisites.

  • ACG2021 Prin of Financial Accounting (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: ACGX021, ACGX022 or (ACGX001 and ACGX011)
  • ACG2071 Prin Managerial Accounting (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitution: (2-3 credit hours) ACGX071 or ACGX301
  • CGS1100 Computer Applications for Busi (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) CGSX100, CGSX530, CGSX570, CGSX060, CGSX531, CGSX000, CGSX100C or ISMX000 (or demonstrated competency)
  • ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: ECOX013
  • ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: ECOX023
  • MAC2233 (GM)Calculus for Business (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) MACX233 or MACX230
  • STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) STAX023, STAX122 or QMBX100


Core Requirements (18 credits)

18 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required in all core courses. MAN4720 is taken in a student's last semester. FIN3403, MAN3025, & MAR3023 must be completed Prior to taking MAN4720.

  • A Mandatory Workshop for IB majors is required. Date and times of these workshops are listed in your Career Wings account.
  • BUL3130 Legal Environment of Business (3 Credits)
  • FIN3403 Financial Management (3 Credits)
  • MAN3025 Administrative Management (3 Credits)
  • MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
  • MAN3504 Operations Management (3 Credits)
  • MAN4720 Strategic Mgmt Business Policy (3 Credits)
    • You must pre-apply at for MAN4720.


Major Requirements (12 credits)

12 semester hours are required **All International Business Majors are required to an approved internationl educational experience. Examples of approved experiences include the following:

  • Successful completion of an internship abroad
  • Successful participation in a Coggin-Sponsored semester abroad or "Coggin In..." summer program. (minimum of 4 weeks)
  • Successful participation in a student exchange program abroad.
  • studying another language abroad.
  • IB majors must appy for a passport in 1st semester. - Fulfill 6 or more credits of these requirements by studying abroad! (visit website for available programs: ** All International Business students are also required to complete the Star Certification program with the Coggin Career Management Center prior to starting the search for their mandatory internship. 
  • ECO3704 International Trade (3 Credits)
  • FIN4604 International Finance (3 Credits)
  • MAN4600 International Management (3 Credits)
  • MAR4156 International Marketing (3 Credits)


Major Electives (6 credits)

(ECO3701 & GEO3553 are specifically excluded) A grade of "C" or better is reguired in all courses in this area. - Fulfill 3-6 credits of this requirement by studying abroad ! Consider a semester abroad or our 4-week "Coggin In ... " summer programs (visit website for available programs

  • SELECT 2 from list
    • ACG4251, ACG4956, BUL4322, ECO4713, ECO4956, ECS3013, ECS3403, ECS3303, FIN4956,FRE3430, GEB4956, GEO3502, MAN4064, MAN4654, MAN4956. MAR4956, SPN3013, TAX4901, TRA4721 OR TRA4956


Internships (3 credits)

  • Internship must be completed before final semester.
  • GEB3361 International Business Interns (1-20 Credits)


Requisites (6 credits)

Select two foreign language courses at the intermediate level or above. Both courses must be in the same language. A grade of "C" of better is required for all courses in this area.

  • SELECT* Intermediate I Foreign Lang.
    • Take three credit hours: SPN2200/FRE2240/JPN2200/GER2200/CHI2200/POR2200/RUS2200
  • SELECT** Intermediate II Foreign Lang.
    • Take additional three credit hours of same Language: SPN2201/FRE2241/JPN2201/GER2201/CHI2201/POR2201/RUS2201


Required Business (6 credits)

Six semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses in this area.

  • ISM4011 Intro Management Info Systems (3 Credits)
  • SELECT Select one course
    • ECO3411 or MAN4550 (Formerly QMB4900)


Non-Business Requirements (3 credits)

  • SPC4064 Public Speaking Professionals (3 Credits)
    • If you took Public Speaking at the lower level (1000-2000) you may take any upper level (3000-4000) elective to replace SPC4064.


Non-Business Requirements (6 credits)

Select two courses (six hours) from one of the seven regional studies areas. One of the courses must satisfy the Coggin College of Business cultural diversity requirement. - Fulfill 3-6 credits of this requirement by studying abroad ! Consider a semester abroad or our 4-week "Coggin In .... " summer programs (visit website for available programs:

  • ASIAN Studies option
  • EUROPEAN Studies
  • LATIN AMER Studies Option
  • MID EAST & African Studies option
  • INTER REL International Relations Option
  • FRENCH LAN French Language Option
  • SPANISH Language Option


Experimental Courses

All International Business majors are required to have an international experience prior to graduation. Beginning in Fall 2013 IB majors must complete a minimum of 4 weeks abroad.

  • EXPERIENCE International



International Business Minor 

Students with an interest in the increasingly important area of global business may wish to develop a schedule which includes the courses constituting the minor in International Business. The Coggin College of Business offers two minors in International Business: a 15-credit version for students majoring in a business discipline and a 12-credit version for students majoring in a discipline outside of business. With careful course scheduling, a student should be able to meet the requirements for the minor in International Business without exceeding the 60 upper-level hour requirement for a B.B.A. Both versions of the minor are specially crafted to optimize the value of study abroad experiences, which are strongly encouraged but not required.



  • Please see an academic advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
  • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.

Business Student Requirements

This minor is available only to students majoring in Business. The minor requires 15 semester hours of which 9 must be taken at UNF. A grade of C or better is required in all courses. IB minors are permitted to take up to 12 minor hours abroad IF they are taking the courses at a Coggin College exchange partner institution.  Transient/concurrent enrollment at another institution is not permitted.

  • ECO 3704 International Trade
  • FIN 4604 International Finance
  • MAN 4600 International Management 

SELECT 1 course from list:

  • MAR 4156 International Marketing
  • TRA 4721 International Logistics 

SELECT 1 course from list:

  • HIS 3000-4000 level
  • GEO 3000-4000 level
  • ASH 3000-4000 level
  • EUH 3000-4000 level
  • LAH 3000-4000 level
  • Any 3000-4000 level Coggin study abroad course 


Non-Business Student Requirements 

This minor is available only to students majoring in programs outside of the Coggin College of Business. The minor requires 12 semester hours. A grade of 'C' of better is required in all courses. IB minors are permitted to take up to 9 minor hours abroad IF they are taking courses at a Coggin College of Business or UNF exchange partner institution. A minimum of 6 credits must be upper level business courses.Transient/concurrent enrollment at another institution is not permitted.  


  • ECO3701 CD-Contemporary Intl Eco (3 Credits)
  • SELECT Choose 3 courses (9 cr) Choose 3 additional courses from the following categories A, B, C and D, at least 1 of which should be an upper-level business course.
    • SEMESTER ABROAD Select up to 3 courses at a Coggin or UNF exhange partner institution.
    • BUSINESS Select up to 3 courses from the following: ACG 4956, ECO 4956, GEO 4956, FIN 4956, MAR 4956, MAN 4956, TRA 4956, BUL 3130, MAN 3025, MAN 4143, MAN 4064, MAN 4600, GEB 4941, MAR 3023, MAR 4156, TRA 4721, ECS 3013, ECS 3403, GEO 3502, GEO 3553, GIS 3043, FIN 3403, FIN 4604, other elective course approved by IB Director.
    • SELECT up to 1 course (3000 to 4000 level) from the following prefixes: HIS, GEO, ASH, EUH, LAH.
    • LANGUAGES Select up to 1 course (2000 to 4000 level) from the following prefixes: SPN, FRE, GER, CHI.

No content available.


KEDGE/UNF Double Degree

Earn two bachelor's degrees: one from UNF and one from KEDGE Business School in France. 



The KEDGE/UNF double degree is an exciting opportunity to combine a love of French language and culture with an interest in international business. Earn two bachelor's degrees by spending two years at UNF and two years at KEDGE, including a four to six month internship in France. Explore below to find out if this program is right for you!

Overview 75162033731 Accreditation 75162038676 UNF Student Curriculum 75162026239 KEDGE Student Curriculum 75162033662 Student Experience 75162034063 About UNF 75161935446 About KEDGE 75161935445 Estimated Costs 75162033635 How to Apply 75161935449 Contact Us 15032433920



 Four Countries. Two Degrees.


The GlobalMBA is a unique program providing graduate students the opportunity to combine intensive classroom study with residential experiences in four countries: Germany, Poland, China and the United States. The GlobalMBA is offered by a consortium of four outstanding universities:


  stamp-THKoln     New DUFE logo
(Cologne University of Applied Sciences)
Cologne, Germany
Dalian, China
  stamp-universityofwarsaw     stamp-unf
Warsaw, Poland
Jacksonville, FL, United States

Each university selects a small group of students who function as a cohort throughout the GlobalMBA. The cohort, of approximately 30-40 students, studies together, spending one term at each institution. The curriculum includes courses in the international aspects of each business discipline, in addition to courses on intercultural communication and international business environments in each country. All instruction is in English.


The experience and knowledge that GlobalMBA students gain by living, studying, and learning about four diverse countries and working closely with the international students in the program prepares them for exciting careers in international business.  Our alumni are hired for positions in all business disciplines and sectors - in multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, and more.  Start your application today!


International Business Flagship Program Mission and Vision 



The International Business Flagship Program aspires to facilitate the development of positive global citizens characterized by an understanding of the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental diversity and sustainability of the world.


To empower Coggin students, faculty and staff to better understand the global business environment through scholarly activities and academic programs.


  • To name the International Business Flagship Program
  • To create an International Business Flagship Community Advisory Board
  • To engage alumni of the International Business Flagship Program
  • To increase outside funding to support faculty scholarship and student study abroad 


International Business Flagship Program Team 

Coggin College of Business, Building 10 Room 2125

(904) 620-5864 (fax) •

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


andre   Andrés Gallo, Ph.D
Director, International Business Flagship
Professor, Economics
(904) 620 -1694

Dr. Gallo specializes in international economics issues, with focus on Latin America and economic development. He has written more than 30 research papers and participated in numerous conferences as presenter and speaker. He has focus on the political economy of property rights in diverse areas, including the US patent system, biotechnology and property rights in the context of economic development. Dr. Gallo has applied econometric techniques to address different issues in these areas of research. His teaching expertise includes international economics, econometrics, economic development, study abroad and Latin American economics. He has taught in several universities around the world and has led several study abroad courses to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Guatemala, Spain and Ghana. 
xhang   Pingying Zhang, Ph.D
Director, Center for International Business Studies
Professor, Management
(904) 620-2249

Dr. Zhang specializes in the area of strategy and entrepreneurship. She has written more than 20 research papers and presented research articles in numerous conferences. Dr. Zhang is particularly interested in researching group dynamics in boards of directors and risk-taking behavior in an entrepreneurial environment. Her teaching expertise includes strategy and business policy, organization theory, entrepreneurship and venture capital, and doing business in China.
kate m   Kate Mattingly Learch, MBA
Director of Study Abroad, International Business Flagship
(904) 620-2521

After studying Spanish in Mexico and Italian and art history in Italy, Kate completed her undergraduate program in Linguistics at the University of Florida, and spent two years teaching English in Kazakhstan as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. She then returned to the University of Florida to earn an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. During this time, she spent a summer studying the economics of the EU through the University of Manchester. Kate joined the UNF International Business Flagship Program in 2007 and loves guiding students through these transformational experiences. Items she can’t travel without include powdered laundry detergent and tiny gifts from Florida. 
stephanie   Stephanie Worley, BA
Office Manager, International Business Flagship
(904) 620-5124

Stephanie’s first international experience was in 2008, when she and her former high school orchestra were invited to Beijing, China to perform in a music festival held in honor of the Summer Olympic games. Afterward, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where she received a BA in English Literature. Since then, she has traveled to Tokyo, Japan, Puebla and Mexico City, Mexico, London, England, and Paris, France. She is currently enrolled in UNF’s Master of Arts in International Affairs program. 
alyssa k   Alyssa Kyff, M.Ed
Advisor, Semester Study Abroad
(904) 620-5317

Alyssa Kyff hails from the Buckeye State (Mansfield, Ohio to be exact) and is very excited to now be residing in the Sunshine State! She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Education from Ashland University and shortly after graduating, she taught high school Spanish. She recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Kent State University. As an undergraduate student, Alyssa studied abroad twice – first, during a summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico and then for a semester in Alicante, Spain. Alyssa highly values her experiences abroad so much that she has decided to make a career out of it. She enjoys drawing from her personal experiences to encourage and assist UNF students pursuing study abroad opportunities.
    Advisor, Short-term Study Abroad
heredia   Alyssa Heredia
Graduate Assistant

Alyssa Heredia is a graduate student pursuing her MBA with Accounting at the University of North Florida. She is an international student from Belize who fell in love with the campus while doing her bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating she returned to Belize, where she worked as a Senior Auditor for two years before coming back to pursue a Master’s degree. While in Belize, she also worked as a liaison for students in Belize to promote UNF. Belize is now included in the top 5 countries for international students at UNF. 
globi   Globi

After numerous years travelling and studying overseas, Globi decided to return to its alma mater, UNF. Globi graduated from UNF with high honors as a International Business major and Global Studies minor. UNF students and staff alike have fallen for Globi’s bubbly personality, willingness to adapt to new environments, and love for learning. Besides hanging out on campus and promoting the IB office, Globi enjoys checking for new friend requests on Facebook.