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Making the Most of UNF

Once you have started classes at UNF, we hope that you will have a great experience academically and personally. The following suggestions are based on past exchange students' feedback — Go Ospreys!

international students on u.n.f. shuttle 


Maintain Academic Excellence

Keep up your grades. It is understood that you are adjusting to a new environment, culture and grading style. Keep in mind the academic resources (such as Tutoring, the Writing Center, and Academic Coaching) available on campus. Do not hesitate to visit your professors during their posted office hours to ask questions!


Get Involved on UNF's Campus


Enjoy the Jacksonville Community

Jacksonville, Florida is a wonderful place to call home. We hope that you are able to explore and enjoy the city and surrounding area during your stay with us at UNF. Get a better look at UNF and Jacksonville through this student-created video! 


 Also, see below a few of the best places to eat/visit during your time living in Jacksonville.

 Jacksonville Things To Do