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  • UNF domestic student members of ANY major
  • Incoming exchange students from all over the world
  • 2 student leaders
  • Coggin Delegation Advisors - Alyssa Kyff and Stephanie Worley


The purpose of Coggin Delegation is to bring together domestic and international students in order to enhance cultural learning while studying at UNF. 
UNF domestic student members are able to: 
  • welcome the international exchange students to UNF and help them adapt to American culture 
  • interact with students from the country where they plan on studying abroad so they can get to know the culture before they get there
  • gain intercultural competencies that they might not otherwise get if they are not able to study abroad


Participation in Coggin Delegation includes: 

  • communication with international buddy before the start of the semester to assist with their adaption to American culture.
  • interaction with international buddy throughout the semester. Participate in activities together on and off campus in order to get to know one another. 
  • attendance to Coggin Delegation events together.


To become a Coggin Delegation Member, please fill out the Coggin Delegation Application. Fall 2018 Application Deadline: August 1, 2018

Apply Here

Interested in being a Coggin Delegation leader for fall 2018?

Please review and submit the Coggin Delegation Leader Application to or to the IB Flagship Office (Building 10, Room 2125) by August 1. 

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