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Board Fellowship Student Application Form

How to Apply
Board Fellows serve as non-voting board members of nonprofit organizations in the First Coast from January through November, gaining insight into the challenges facing their organization and the complexities of nonprofit management. Students work closely with the board and executive director of their assigned organization, attend board meetings, serve on committees, and learn about the issues facing the board and staff. In addition, Board Fellows are expected to complete a board-level project for the board over the course of their placement.
Graduate students at the Coggin College of Business are invited to apply in the fall. Board Fellows must possess:

  • A record of academic and professional excellence
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to particular nonprofits and their boards
  • Sensitivity to issues of community needs, financial concerns, and confidentiality
  • A commitment to the nonprofit sector


Basic Student Information




Please type answers to the following in the space provided (limit answers to no more than 150 words): 








Please submit the following materials along with your application:

1. Resume
2. Two reference Names (include title, email, and phone number for each)
3. Class Schedule

4. Work Schedule