To educate students in business through accredited degree programs by having both students and faculty engage in scholarly activities for the discovery and application of knowledge. 


Scholarly Activities 

Coggin College faculty engage in scholarly activities to maintain and improve intellectual capital, and to fulfill individual and institutional responsibilities to add to the body of discipline-based knowledge. Faculty intellectual contributions consist of discipline-based, contributions to practice, and learning and pedagogical (teaching). 

Discipline-based research adds to the theory or knowledge of a particular discipline, and results in theoretical innovations published in peer–reviewed academic journals. Scholarly endeavors that contribute to practice include articles in practitioner journals, creation and delivery of executive education courses, and published reports on consulting. Faculty also conduct pedagogical research. This research influences the teaching-learning activities of the college, and includes preparation of new materials for use in courses, creation of teaching aids, and research on instructional methods.

All three areas of scholarship are necessary for effective teaching. Faculty must first be content experts in their fields. Specifically, discipline-based scholarship (or basic research) is the foundation of scholarly activities. However, to achieve the mission of educating students and developing business professionals, faculty must also be experts on how to disseminate and apply that content knowledge.