To educate students in business through accredited degree programs by having both students and faculty engage in scholarly activities for the discovery and application of knowledge. 


Educate Students in Business

Business professionals have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the functional areas of business and how they are integrated in the modern organization. They have the skills and perspectives essential for success — whether they apply their expertise in the for–profit, governmental or non–profit environments. The students we educate and develop into business professionals have significant variety, and many are non–traditional.


The Bachelor of Business Administration program has been designed for both full–time and part–time students holding high school diplomas, including many students who require night courses, as well as transfer students from the State of Florida community college system. Currently, students are primarily drawn from the Northeast Florida region, although the geographic scope is increasingly extending throughout Florida, and nationally as well as internationally.


The Master of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy programs are primarily evening programs designed for part–time students holding bachelors degrees in business as well as other disciplines. The majority of students are already employed in the Northeast Florida region, and most require or prefer the flexibility of night courses or the ability to take a small number of courses at a time.


The GlobalMBA and Global EntrepreneurshipMBA programs have been designed for full–time students who have the flexibility and desire to study abroad in multiple institutions and countries over the course of the program, and who desire to pursue their graduate education in an international cohort environment. Students are typically drawn from a larger geographic base than the MBA or MAcc programs.