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Upcoming Events

  • Starting Friday, Feb. 2, join Coggin Academic Advising to learn more about your major and opportunities.
  • Learn more about courses that are offered in sex core-competencies:¬†Race & Ethnicity; Religious, Spiritual, and Secular Worldview Identity; LGBTQ Identities; Gender Inclusion; Military Veteran Identity; and Dis/Ability Inclusion.
  • Join us Friday, March 2! Recruiters will be interviewing and networking with T&L students in hopes to fill internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities. Registration deadline is Jan. 26.
  • On Wednesday, Mar. 7, Katherine Way will share her story of entrepreneurship; "Building a National Fashion Brand One Stitch at a Time".¬†
  • On Friday, Mar. 9 meet representatives from a variety of industries and companies looking to hire students for summer and fall internships.
  • The International Business Flagship Program will host a conference on value Creation in the Global Economy on March 16, 2018 to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges faced in Jacksonville.
  • Attend this two-day conference starting Friday, April 6¬†designed to provide valuable insight from leading industry professionals about careers in Financial Services.