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  • T&L Executive Spotlight

    Wednesday, November 14


    The Impact of Automation, Technology, and External Forces on the Global Automotive Supply Chain


    Environmental and automation technologies are revolutionizing vehicle design and manufacturing as global automotive suppliers face a complex array of technological, political, commercial, and strategic issues. Automotive supply chain professionals respond to external forces that are difficult to predict, and plan for a future that is challenging and uncertain.

  • Coggin Study Abroad Applications Open

    The Coggin College of Business short-term study abroad applications for Spring and Summer 2019 are now open! These programs are available to all UNF majors, and scholarships are available. Destinations include Morocco, France, Italy, China, Canada, Peru, Croatia, and many more. Credits can fulfill General Education requirements, major/minor electives, cultural diversity, etc. Check with your academic advisor to see how study abroad can work for you. Choose your program by visiting our website, and then submit your application through MyWings: Student Services > Online Forms > Study Abroad (Faculty-Led Application).