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Osprey Financial Group

The Osprey Financial Group is a student managed investment fund (SMIF) at the University of North Florida, Coggin College of Business. The group is composed of both graduate MBA students and undergraduate business students. The 2002-2003 term was the inaugural year for the program, which is a two-semester commitment that counts as two electives. The real-world asset management experience begins with interviews to be selected as part of the team. The selected students are administratively organized with officer positions and responsibilities.


The Group is charged with the active management of a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income securities as a professional investment firm.


The principal is from a gift to the Foundation from Jody and Layton Smith expressly for the purpose of enabling a special group of students to manage an initial $500,000 portion of the Endowment.


Objectives of the Fund

Objective I: Near-term Returns

Achieve a rate of return during the current, active/passive management period in excess of the following weighted average benchmark:


MSCI ACWI (0.70) + Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index (.30)



Objective II: Long Term Gains

Achieve a rate of return over the longer term which ranks above average when compared to a representative universe of other, similarly managed balanced/blended portfolios.



Objective III: Risk Management

Allay unnecessary risk exposure through active management, while seeking compensatory gains for risks accepted.


Even with diversified funds, there is exposure to weakness in the broad market, a particular industry, or specific holdings. The market as a whole can decline for many reasons, including adverse political or economic developments in the U.S. or abroad, changes in investor psychology, or heavy institutional selling. Likewise, the prospects for an industry or a company may also deteriorate. Among the principal risks to which the Fund is exposed are market risk, industry/sector risk, capitalization risk, interest rate risk and credit risk. Investments in foreign securities have foreign risk, country/geographic risk and currency risk.



Objective IV: Compliance

The assets managed by Osprey Financial Group shall be invested and reinvested only in securities that comply with the guidelines for equity and fixed income securities contained in the University of North Florida Foundation, Inc. Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives.


Current Management 



 "As the group of students selected to manage the UNF Student Managed Investment Fund, we have been chosen as leaders to set the standards for the future. For now, we are owners in the vision and fiduciary responsibility of this program. Not only do we have the opportunity to operate as a professional investment firm, but we also represent the excellent quality of the UNF Coggin College of Business. It is a privilege that we must accept with the utmost in humility and professionalism. It is within this spirit that we share the vision to develop a program that will enhance our professional development, increase recognition for the quality of the UNF Coggin College of Business, and ultimately add value to our community."


Dr. Reinhold Lamb, The Jody and Leighton Smith Professor of Accounting & Finance - UNF


2017-2018 Analysts


Analytic Assignment


Officer Position

Francesco Amato Industrials Sector, Small-Cap Plays Special Projects 
Jefferson Bird Materials Sector, Fixed Income Commodities/Currencies
Rebecca Fiorita Consumer Discretionary Sector, Green Plays Alumni Relations
Tyler Fleming Finance(All other Industries) Sector, Value Plays Canvas/Website
Robert Howe      Real Estate Sector, Technical Plays Technician
William Lafave Finance(Commercial Banking) Sector, Index Plays Strategist: Asia
Stephen Male Healthcare Sector, Government Event Plays Strategist: Europe
Bradley Mauger Consumer Staples Sector Accountant
Nicholas Mignone Information Technology Sector  Strategist: Latin America, Operations Manager
Scott Pepis Utilities Sector, Non-Government Event Plays Statistician 
Coty Sage Telecommunications Sector, Mid-Cap Plays Statistician 
Kyle Spear Energy Sector, Fixed Income Strategist: North America/Federal Reserve

Market Technician    Delve into the complex and rewarding world of the technical indicators that help to track key changes in market sentiment; and identify trading strategies based on historical price movements. 

Event Plays   Determine what effect the constant stream of information and ‘Breaking News’ will have on asset prices, and seek alpha through keen positioning.

Value Plays   Find opportunities in the form of mispriced assets that have catalysts for correction. Provide analysis supporting current target price ranges and returns expected in an estimated window of time.

Political Events   Learn the workings of governments around the world and seek alpha from the impact of governing bodies on regional economies.

Fixed Income Analyst   Align the fixed income portion of the OFG portfolio in a way that is expected to generate alpha against the fixed income benchmark. Seek to capitalize from interest rate anomalies and implied bond price movements.

Green Plays   Exploit the growth trajectory of the market for sustainable energy on all levels of the value chain through the thoughtful identification of impactful firms with market support.

Small Cap Plays    Capitalize on the next big ideas before they become big by analyzing the wide market of small companies.

Officer Position Descriptions

Strategist    Each of the economists becomes proficient in the understanding of the workings of a portion of the global economy, becoming experts in the analyses of their respective assigned regions. The North American economist is the Chief Economist, ensuring the reconciliation of quality information among all economists. 

Special Projects Coordinator    In the course of the year, the special projects coordinator will be charged with those tasks which do not fall within the responsibilities of the other officers, using creativity and out of the box thinking to resolve them.

Alumni Relations Director    OFG Alumni are involved in the workings of each new group, as teachers and as role models of future success in the financial sector. The Alumni Relations Director ensures steady and consistent communication between OFG past and present.

Webmaster   Through coordination with the Coggin College Webmaster, this officer is responsible to ensure the accuracy of OFG’s online presence.

Account Manager   As with a professional hedge fund, OFG has operations it undertakes and a budget to fund them. The Accountant/Operations Manager ensures that these operations are executed efficiently and affordably.

Political Analyst   Beyond the search for opportunities within the spectrum of assets driven by geo-political shifts; this officer-analyst ensures the consistent delivery of key updates which shape asset allocation decisions, and the portfolio management environment.  

Statistician    It is the responsibility of OFG’s statistician to constantly observe the vitals of the fund. Reports and updates regarding asset allocation and risk exposure are generated through powerful use of the BlueSky platform for portfolio management offered by Advent Software’s Black Diamond Performance Reporting. 




2009-2010 Annual report available in April 2010

Our objective is to manage holdings within the following balanced portfolio:

S&P 500 Index (.60) + MSCI EAFE (0.10) + Barclays Aggregate Bond (.30)

Monthly & Annual Reports [pdf documents]

2009-2010 Annual Report     
2006-2007  Annual Report    
  November 2006 February 2007 2006 Qtr 4
  December 2006 March 2007  
  January 2007 April 2007  
2005-2006 Annual Report     
2004-2005 4th Quarter 2004 Report    

December 2004    

  November 2004    
  October 2004    
2003-2004  February 2004 October 2003    
  January 2004   September 2003    
  December 2003  August 2003    
  November 2003         
2002-2003   4th Quarter 2002 Report    
  March 2003 December 2002  
  February 2003  November 2002    
  January 2003  
October 2002    






The Energy Authority Center for Portfolio Management  


Thanks to a generous donation by The Energy Authority, the Student Managed Investment Fund is making improvements to a trading room within the Coggin College of Business. The trading room, named The Energy Authority Center for Portfolio Management, includes trading desks, a Bloomberg terminal and gives students access to the same technology and data as professional funds managers. 



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Osprey Finance Groups

Past Teams

2016-2017 Team


OFG 2016-2017 Professional Group Photo Michael Noesen, Christopher Henderson, Tarek Kishek, Fred Kindelsperger, Rodney Mackey, Daniel Fetahovic, Christian Gist, Michael Tron, Dr. Reinhold Lamb  
Top row left to right 

Mark Brown, MaryRuth Murray, Natalie Logan, Ramon Medina

Bottom row left to right 

2015-2016 Team Coming Soon... 2014-2015 Team Coming Soon... 2013-2014 Team


OFG 2013-2014 Professional Group Photo Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Patrick Finnigan, Raymond Gonzalez, Harrison Phillips, Michael Krebs, Jacob Carlson, Jorge Navarrete
Top row left to right 

Barton Knapp, Michael Swartz, Austin Jacobson, Aaron Fitzpatrick 

Bottom row left to right 

2012-2013 Team


  Coming Soon...
2011-2012 Team


  Coming Soon...
2010-2011 Team


  Coming Soon...
2009-2010 Team


OFG 2009-2010 Professional Group Photo
Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Mike Zaccardi, Al Clawson, Disston Moore, Scott Schimmel, Dean Brown, Cory Black
Top row from left to right 
Cassandra Smalley, Herman Klinger, David Leighton, Claudina Tesouro
Bottom row from left to right  
2008-2009 Team


OFG 2008-2009 Professional Group Photo Olga Prosvirkina, Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Alex Kellison, John Naugle, Mike Tyler, Max Shoemaker, Maggie Barnes, Brian Moore    
Top row left to right 

Sebastian Naim, Marla Castin, Alex Caraballo, Milena Spasova 

Bottom row left to right 

2007-2008 Team


OFG 2007-2008 Professional Group Photo

Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Justin Pikulski, Troy Alexander, Chris Miller, Casey Ayers, Henry Thorpe, Robert Urban, Kevin Galke

Top row left to right

Luke Posson, Jayme Woods, Katie Gampietro, Brett McMillan 

Bottom row left to right
2006-2007 Team


OFG 2006-2007 Professional Group Photo

Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Stephen Whitley, Robert Waterman, Russell Anderson, Ross Fredenhagen, Keith Amirault, Benjamin Franklin, George Cook
Top row from left to right

Maria Nykyforovych, Shannon Coles, Tanya Johnson-Coomes

Bottom row from left to right
2005-2006 Team


OFG 2005-2006 Professional Group Photo

Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Ioan Corabenciov, Mark Clayton, Jose Rodriguez, Sean Danahy, Andrew Helm, Christopher Mele, Sanjay Kurahatti, Jim Andrews, Ashish Athavale, Trevor Canali
Top row from left to right

Amanda Brzoska, Eliza Ziegler, Emily Dunham

Bottom row from left to right 
2004-2005 Team


OFG 2004-2005 Professional Group Photo

Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Benjamin Huwer, Daniel Johnson, Alan Hartley, Timothy Giles, John Mitsis, Lee Santos, Cesar Perez

Top row from left to right

Xavier Foussereau, Patricia Tharpe, Claudia Warner, Jose Hernandez

Bottom row from left to right
2003-2004 Team


OFG 2003-2004 Professional Group Photo

Dr. Reinhold Lamb, Marc Renz, RichardFretz, Jeff Coy, Liridon Gila, Adam Skinner, Eugene Collett
Top row from left to right 

Thomas Miho, Lisa Humphrey, Muris Demorovic

Bottom row from left to right
2002-2003 Team


OFG 2002-2003 Professional Group Photo

Shawn Magill, Jaime Calzada, Ron Tenhagen, Jason Todd, Mark Baniewicz, Jeff Scherer, Brandon Marsden, Alex Vugman, Brian Moore
Top row from left to right

Brian Stewart, Karen Greene, Lauren Messmer, Dr. Reinhold Lamb

Bottom row from left to right

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