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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the Career Management Center?
The Career Management Center specializes in connecting qualified, energetic Coggin students with local, regional, and national firms seeking the brightest minds. We provide students with the training they need through the S.T.A.R. Program in order to present them as the best new professional minds in Jacksonville.
How early in my academic career should I engage with the Career Management Center?
It is never too early to begin working with the Career Management Center. However, as a rule of thumb we encourage students to begin participating in the S.T.A.R. program and other events during their junior year.
Can the Career Management Center secure a job or internship for me?
The purpose of the Career Management Center is to help equip students with the skills necessary to land a job or internship themselves while providing a platform for students and employers to meet. With that said, the Career Management Center staff does not directly place students into job openings.
Can someone help me develop or review my résumé or my cover letter?
Yes! We conduct student appointments specifically for resume and cover letter reviews. Call (904) 620-2067 or visit the Career Management Center in Building 42, Suite 2021 to set up your appointment.
Can I email my résumé for review?
To receive an electronic critique, email a copy of your résumé as a Word document to Or, you may call 904-620-2067 to schedule an appointment to have your résumé critiqued in-person.
How often should I have my résumé reviewed?
Ideally, we recommend having your resume reviewed once every academic year. Additionally, your resume should be updated and reviewed after accepting a new job/internship, completing a study abroad or becoming an active member in an extracurricular organization.
What can I do to develop my résumé?
There are many ways to build a more robust resume. Some of the common methods include; becoming an active member of an organization, participating in a study abroad, completing an internship/ landing a part time job, conducting an independent study or volunteering in the community. Students should also consider the S.T.A.R., Student Ambassador and Mentor programs as well.
What is Osprey CareerLink? 
Osprey Career Link is UNF's online system for job and internship listings and career events registration. All UNF students and alumni registered with the Osprey CareerLink system can view online job opportunities and indicate an interest in job postings. There is no fee for using Osprey CareerLink.

After you have registered with Osprey CareerLink, you can:
  • Create a personal profile
  • Post your résumé (“Documents” tab, select document type and “upload”)
  • Search and research employers
  • View and apply for job and internship postings
  • Sign up for campus interviews
  • Register for practice interviews and resume critique
  • Participate and learn about recruiting events
How do I look for internships and jobs in Osprey CareerLink?
Both the Jobs Search AND On Campus Interviews tabs on the top of Osprey CareerLink have internships and jobs. The Jobs tab can filter results based on position type, check both frequently to find out what is happening on campus and who is hiring.
How do I reset my CareerLink password?
Email the Career Management Center at and provide us with your name and N#, we will respond as soon as possible with a reset password for your use.
What is a "Mock" Interview?
A mock interview, which we call InterviewPRO, allows students the opportunity to interview and interact with a member of the Jacksonville business community in one of many professional fields. The interview typically lasts for 45 minutes, with a scorecard filled out by the employer evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Sign up for a mock interview in Osprey Career Link under the “Interviews” tab.
How do I sign-up for a mock interview?
Mock interview opportunities can be found in Osprey CareerLink under the "Interviews That I Qualify For" tab on the top of the screen. You can sort mock interview opportunities by date to find the interview that fits your schedule best. Once you have signed up for a mock interview, you have until 48 hours before the interview to cancel.
Do I have to complete the S.T.A.R. Program in chornological order?
No. While it is highly recommended that you complete the program in order, students are free to complete their S.T.A.R.’s in any sequence.
Do I have to complete the S.T.A.R. Program in one semester?
No. The S.T.A.R. program can be completed over multiple semesters and in any order. How can I find out my S.T.A.R. program progress?
How can I find my S.T.A.R. Progress?
Your S.T.A.R. program progress is recorded in your Osprey Career Link account. You can view your status by clicking My Account < My profile and scrolling down to the “Miscellaneous Information” section.
I completed a S.T.A.R. that is not recorded in my Osprey CareerLink Profile, what should I do?
For S.T.A.R.’s recently earned, please wait 3 business days for your account to update. For all other S.T.A.R. discrepancies, please contact our office at (904) 620-2067.
I have completed all 5 S.T.A.R.'s, do I receive anything?
At the end of the Fall and Spring semesters the Career Management Center hosts a Banquet to recognize all the students that have completed the S.T.A.R. program. During the banquet students are given a certificate of achievement and a pin to commemorate their accomplishment.
I completed the S.R.A.R. program during the Summer semester, will I be recognized?
Yes! Students that have completed the S.T.A.R. program during the Summer sessions will be recognized at the following Fall semester’s Career Management Center Fall Banquet.
I have completed the S.T.A.R. Program, what else can I do?
Completing the S.T.A.R. Program does not mark the end of your possible interactions with the Career Management Center. S.T.A.R. certified students are eligible to participate in the Mentor and Student Ambassador Programs. Additionally S.T.A.R. students are encouraged to attend advanced workshops such as “Dress for Success” or “How to Secure an Internship.” These advanced workshops are offered during our Boot Camp event in the Fall.
Do you assist Graduate Students?
Yes, we assist all students enrolled in the Coggin College of Business in both graduate and undergraduate programs.
I recently graduated; can I still use your services?
For up to 1 year after graduation, all service provided by the Career Management Center are free to alums. After 1 year past graduation, there is a nominal fee for one-on-one appointments with the CMC staff. Contact us for a fee schedule and more information.