Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Policies:

10.1 Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty teach graduate courses (courses at the 5000 level or above), supervise and serve on examining committees for master's degree students, serve as members of doctoral research committees, and vote on all matters presented to the Graduate Faculty. A Graduate Faculty member must:

  1. hold the minimum rank of Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida ,
  2. hold the terminal degree, or its equivalent, normally accepted for academic appointment in the discipline,
  3. be tenured, tenure earning, on multi-year contract,
  4. be involved in graduate teaching and/or research,
  5. have demonstrated clear evidence of scholarly activity, and
  6. be recommended by the faculty of the academic program, the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, and approved by the Graduate Council.

Courtesy appointments to the Graduate Faculty may be recommended on an ad hoc basis by members of the academic unit to the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services. The Dean shall request approval of the Graduate Dean for such appointments prior to the appointment.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

10.2 Doctoral Chair Status

Graduate faculty may serve as chairpersons of doctoral dissertations provided:

  1. they offer evidence of having served as chairperson of a completed dissertation at another regionally accredited institution or
  2. they offer evidence as having served as co-chairperson of at least one completed dissertation at the University of North Florida , and
  3. they are recommended by the doctoral teaching faculty and approved by the chair of the department.

REVISED: DTF 4/08/09

10.3 Consulting Faculty

Clinical experiences in leadership are a substantial component of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership. Consulting faculty have important roles as consultants to the program and facilitators for the provision of clinical experiences. The roles of the consulting faculty are defined as follows:

  1. to facilitate the development of field and leadership assessment experiences for doctoral students.
  2. to consult with faculty on issues of program evaluation and development from a clinical perspective
  3. to serve as guest lecturers as appropriate;
  4. to help students select problems for study and work with students as they are doing their field research;
  5. to serve as a bridge between university faculty and the field.

Qualifications of the consulting faculty are as follows:

  1. hold appropriate academic degree(s);
  2. have significant leadership experience;
  3. be able to make a two-year commitment to the program.

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

10.4 Doctoral Teaching Faculty

The Doctoral Teaching Faculty consists of those faculty members who have dissertation chair status and those who are responsible for teaching the courses which comprise the three strands of the program of study: Educational Leadership Core, Research, and Foundations. Members of the Graduate Faculty from other colleges in the University who regularly teach courses within the doctoral program in the College of Education and Human Services shall be recognized as Doctoral Teaching Faculty and invited to participate in seminars, workshops, and other events sponsored by the Faculty in the College.

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

10.5 Faculty Productivity and Recognition

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

10.5.1 Chairpersons of Dissertation Committees

Faculty productivity and recognition for serving as chairperson on doctoral dissertation committees shall include the following:

  1. Workload assignments for student credit hours generated by registrations for dissertation credits will accrue to the individual(s) designated as the chairperson or co-chairpersons of students' dissertation committees.
  2. In the case of co-chairpersons, one-half of the load allocation will be made to each faculty member unless the involved faculty members shall agree to a different allocation.
  3. Allocation of workload will be made as follows:
    • The availability of dissertation assignments will be determined in the summer of each academic year by dividing the total dissertation credit hours earned in the previous academic year (summer, fall, spring) by 30. This formula represents the credit hours generated by a graduate class with an enrollment of 10 students.
    • Dissertation workload assignments are made by the Chairperson of the Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership in consultation with the Doctoral Program Director and the faculty member's Department Chair.
    • Faculty who feel their work chairing dissertations merits a workload assignment shall make a formal request to the department chairperson.
    • Faculty normally shall not receive workload assignment consideration for more than 30 credit hours of dissertation enrollment per student chaired. Exceptions to this policy are subject to the approval of the department chair.
  4. No faculty member shall have more than two workload assignments for dissertation in any one semester.

10.5.2 Recognition of Non-Chairperson Committee Service

Faculty recognition for membership on doctoral dissertation committees other than as chairperson or co-chairperson shall include the following:

  1. Faculty shall include on their annual evaluation reports a merit designation in recognition of dissertation memberships for which workload was not assigned. Such designations would normally appear under the category of either service or non-credit generating instruction. When the committee member makes a substantial contribution to the shape of the work or coauthors a paper or presentation with the student, the designation may appropriately appear under research.
  2. The Department Chairperson shall when funds are available consider requests for certain program resources (e.g., student assistant, travel to conferences, purchase of instructional and research materials, professional development opportunities) from faculty who have completed a number of dissertation memberships.