Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Policies:
Award of Degree

8.1 Requirements

In order to be awarded the doctorate, the candidate must:

  1. complete all course requirements within prescribed time limits,
  2. maintain a grade average of "B" or better in all work attempted on the program of study. All grades other than acceptable letter grades must be resolved,
  3. satisfactorily complete all required examinations,
  4. be recommended by the student's dissertation committee and the college,
  5. receive approval of the dissertation by the dissertation committee, Department Chairperson, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, and the Dean of the Graduate School,
  6. be registered during the term in which the dissertation is defended,
  7. meet all other academic and professional qualifications, as published by the appropriate governing bodies of the university.

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

8.2 Graduation Application

The doctoral candidate must apply for graduation before the published University deadline in the term in which graduation is anticipated. Candidates are expected to attend the degree-conferring ceremony.