Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Policies:
Program of Study

5.1 Preparation of Program of Study


A completed program of study must be approved by and filed with the Doctoral Program Director by the completion of 18 hours of course credit in the program.


Changes in a student's program of study must be approved by (1) the student, (2) the faculty sponsor or the faculty research mentor, and (3) the Doctoral Program Director.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

5.2 Educational Leadership Core

Each doctoral student shall include in his or her program of study the following courses in Educational Leadership:
EDA 7190    Evolving Educational Leader 3 credit hours
EDA 7192    Leadership: Group/Team 3 credit hours
EDA 7193    Educational Leadership: Leadership &Change 3 credit hours
EDA 7194    Seminar in Educational Policy 3 credit hours
EDA 7262    Educational Leadership: Org. Theory / Design 3 credit hours
EDA 7945    Practicum: Assessment/Develop. 3 credit hours


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

5.3 Research Core

5.3.1 Prerequisite

Students entering the program must have completed a survey course related to educational, business, or social science research methods or they must complete such a course by the end of their first term of enrollment.

5.3.2 Program Requirements

Each doctoral student shall include in his or her program of study the following courses in Educational Research or equivalent:

EDA 7400   Research in E.L.: Quantitative 3 credit hours
EDA 7410   Research in E.L.: Qualitative 3 credit hours
EDA 7420   Foundations of Research in E.L. 3 credit hours
EDA 7421   Inquiry Research in E.L. 1 credit hour
EDA 7979   Research Seminar in E.L. 3- 6 credit hours


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

5.4 Foundations Core

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

Each doctoral student shall include in his or her program of study the following courses in the foundations of education or equivalent:
EDF 7215   Psychological/Social Aspects of Learn/Instruction 3 credit hours
EDF 7545   Philosophy of Education 3 credit hours
EDF 7635   Cultural/Social Foundations of Education. 3 credit hours

5.5 Cognate/Minor

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04


Doctoral students shall include in their programs of study a sequence of planned learning experiences consisting of courses offered in the College of Education and Human Services and/or in other colleges and schools. The intent of this requirement is to provide students with a broad perspective about the environment of educational leadership. The student's faculty sponsor and research mentor will assist the student in choosing appropriate course work. The following criteria must be met:

  1. Minimum of 12 semester hours of graduate credit.
  2. Maximum of three semester hours may be 5000 level.

5.5.2 Concurrent Enrollment Policy

To complete the 12-semester hour cognate requirement for the Doctorate in Educational Leadership, students may enroll concurrently in another approved graduate program at another regionally accredited and approved institution. This policy is to facilitate students pursuing advanced study in a specialization not available at the University. A maximum of 12 semester hours may be transferred to the University of North Florida under the Doctorate of Education Cognate Concurrent Enrollment Policy. To exercise the concurrent enrollment option, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Formal approval of the proposed cognate by faculty advisor and doctoral program director.
  2. File a Concurrent Enrollment Form with the UNF Registrar's Office in advance of each term that the enrollment is planned.
  3. Earn a grade of 3.0 or higher in each concurrent course for which transfer of credit is sought.
  4. At the conclusion of each semester concurrently enrolled, the student will provide the Graduate School with an official transcript from the transferring institution.

APPROVED: DSC 10/21/04

5.6 Required Credit Hours

Programs leading to a doctoral degree require a minimum of 76 semester hours credit beyond the master's degree. No more than 24 semester hours of dissertation credits may be used to satisfy this requirement.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04

5.7 Transfer of Credit

5.7.1 Transfer of Work Done Prior to Admission

Doctoral program faculty sponsors may approve a student's request to transfer a maximum of 12 six semester hours of graduate credit earned from another institution provided:

  1. the student's faculty sponsor judges the course work to be relevant to the student's doctoral program
  2. the course work was taken at a regionally accredited institution that offers post master's degree programs
  3. a grade of B or better was earned in each course transferred
  4. transferred course credits were earned post-master's degree
  5. graduate credits transferred were completed no more than five years prior to the semester in which the student is admitted to the program
  6. courses were not used to satisfy the requirements for a degree program.

Some program requirements may be waived based on previous coursework upon the recommendation of the faculty sponsor or research mentor and approval of the program director.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

5.7.2 Transfer of Credit Taken while Enrolled in the Doctoral Program

Doctoral program faculty sponsors or research mentors may petition the Doctoral Program Director on behalf of a student to transfer up to 12 semester hours of graduate credits earned at an accredited university while the student is enrolled in the doctoral program. The credits must be approved prior to registration and may count in the cognate area only. Only grades of "B" or better may be transferred.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

5.8 Academic Standards

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04


Doctoral students must maintain at least a 3.0 ("B") grade-point-average throughout the program of study.


No grade lower than "B" is acceptable for course work taken in the Educational Leadership Core


No more than two "C" grades (6 credits) may be counted toward the minimum hours required for graduation.

5.9 Repeating Courses for Credit

A doctoral student may repeat a course one time in which a grade of "C" or lower has been earned.


A repeated course shall be taken for credit and a letter grade other than "I" must be assigned.


Graduate students are not eligible for grade forgiveness. The graduate GPA includes all hours the student earns once fully admitted.


A student may repeat no more than two courses under this rule.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

5.10 Residency

Students will have met the residency requirements of the program by completing at least 76 credit hours of approved course work, by being advanced to candidacy, and by maintaining continuous enrollment as defined in these policies until they graduate.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09

5.11 Time Limits

All program requirements, including the dissertation, must be completed within 8 five years of admission to the program.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09