Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Policies:

3.1. Initial Advisement

A faculty sponsor will be appointed during the first term that a student is enrolled in the doctoral program. The faculty sponsor will provide program advisement for each doctoral student prior to the second term of the planned program. The sponsor will assist the student in developing a cognate within the program of study which meets program requirements and which meets the personal professional development interests of the student.

The faculty sponsor will assist their assigned doctoral students in identifying faculty whose research interests and expertise are consistent with the student's likely area of inquiry.

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04 

3.2 Research Mentor

Students will identify and request the Doctoral Program Director to appoint a faculty research mentor prior fall of the third year in the program. The research mentor will provide program advisement for the student through the remaining program of study and will typically serve as chair of the student's comprehensive examination and dissertation committees.

APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04; DTF 4/08/09 

3.3 Changing Faculty Sponsor or Research Mentor

If either a student or a faculty member who is serving as a faculty sponsor or research mentor believes that it would be appropriate to have a different faculty member appointed to serve as the faculty sponsor or research mentor, the student or faculty member should present to the Doctoral Program Director a request for change. Any request to have a particular faculty member appointed should be appended. The Doctoral Program Director makes a requested change in appointment after conferring with the persons involved.


APPROVED: DSC 12/08/03; DTF 3/04/04