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SOAR Cohort Schedule

Suggested Sequence of Courses 

Year 1


EDF 6607 Education in America

MHS 6530 Group Work for School Counseling

SDS 6940 Practicum in School Counseling

SDS 6820 Supervised Field Experiences I

MHS 6407 Theories of Counseling

MHS 6780 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Counseling

SDS 6310 College and Career Readiness

SDS 6832 Internship: College and Career Readiness

SDS 6821 Supervised Field Experiences II


Year 2


SDS 6000 School/Family Managing Student Behavior

MHS 6482 Personality and Lifespan Development

SDS 6014 Organization and Administration in School Counseling

SDS 6830 Internship: Counseling/Coordination of Guidance Services

EDF 6495 Research & Assessment in School Counseling

MHS 6600 Seminar: Consultation Skills

MHS 6421 Counseling Children and Adolescents

SDS 6831 Management of Resources

SDS 6466 Crisis/Disaster Management


Students enrolling in either of the following courses are advised to do so during a semester that is deemed suitable for your work schedule and course load:


TSL 6700 Issues in ESOL for School Counselors

RED 3333 Reading Methods: Secondary