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Educational Technology Center

The main mission of the Educational Technology Center is to support the instructional program of the College of Education and Human Services. The center is an established facility for training, assisting and supporting instructional units in an area of technology. This support is for both pre-service and in-service teachers as well as the faculty and staff of the College. The Educational Technology Center is located in Building 57, Room 1420.


The Educational (ETC) Technology Center provides individualized assistance and group instruction on technological tools and the integration of these tools in the teaching and learning processes. The center supports enrichment and extension activities that support college of education classes. Students are provided the opportunity to spend time to expand their interests and expertise. Students also network in the center and can get help from the staff or peers. Many teachers who are not currently students at UNF are directed to the center as a resource. Often these people come to UNF as graduate students because they realize that the COEHS supports a facility that directly addresses their needs. In short, a commitment to the center demonstrates a commitment to the students. Many companies lend and give resources to the center.


The reputation of the center as an instructional facility is well known and the use of the center by faculty and students is ever growing. Each semester more professors incorporate technology into their own teaching methods and require students to produce assignments using a variety of hardware and software.

Access and Use Policy

Who can use the Ed Tech Center?

The Ed Tech Center is for the exclusive use of faculty (including adjuncts), currently enrolled students, and staff (including OPS employees) of the University of North Florida College of Education and Human Services.

What will I need to use the Center?

A current, valid UNF Osprey Card will be required to gain access to ETC. Exceptions to accommodate individuals shall be handled on a case by case basis by the Manager of ETC. Use of the ET Center is restricted to scholarly activities related to student instruction and research, and to other activities directly related to the mission of the University. Users must have a UNF Osprey 1 card to print. The cost is 11 cents per page for high speed, gray scale graphics (no color). Printing can now be done from the Internet. Users are also required to have a memory stick to save their work in case the print network is down.