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Program Admission

Prospective students are admitted each Fall and must meet admission requirements of the university. To be considered for admission, applicants must fulfill these additional requirements:


1. Apply to UNF by March 31


2. GPA of 2.75 or higher  (preferred 3.0+) 


3. Complete an associate-level interpreting degree (AA/AAS/AS) OR an associate-level degree in another field if applicant currently holds one of these national certificates: CDI, CSC, CI and CT, NIC, NAD IV-V, COI (Canada).

4. Fulfill General Education Core Requirements
State and institutional general education core requirements may not have been met in the applicant’s associate-level program. It is not required that the applicant complete the general education core courses prior to attending UNF; however it is recommended. If the associate’s degree is not an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree, it is strongly recommended that students also complete the A.A., along with their A.S. or A.A.S degrees to avoid having to take additional general education core courses at UNF. By state law, transferring to UNF with an A.A. degree guarantees that no additional general education core courses will be needed. Students who do not transfer with an A.A. degree are subject to UNF's core requirements, which may exceed or differ from the state minimum. Core courses will need to be taken during summer sessions or in extra semesters after interpreting coursework is complete. Unless UNF has negotiated an official articulation agreement with the applicant’s prior institution, transcripts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine course equivalencies and program placement.Questions about general education core requirements should be directed to Dr. Todd Parrish ( for Academic Advising. 
5. Pass Limited Access Screening
  • ‘B’ or better in ASL I, ASL II, Intro to Interpreting, ENC 1101 (or ‘B’ or better in subsequent courses). Students with an AA will automatically transfer ‘C’ grades for these courses and are not required to repeat them. However, if these applicants are admitted based on GPA and Limited Access Screening scores, students may be required to take a subsequent course upon admission. 
  • English Competency (comprehension, written, spoken). Deaf applicants are exempt from a spoken English evaluation. 
  • ASL Competency (conversational ASL; comprehension, expressive, receptive) 
  • Cognitive Processing (critical thinking, foundational information processing)