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Alumni and Employer Feedback

Graduates and Stakeholders:


The ASL/English Interpreting program at UNF tracks its graduates to monitor their professional development and to document their feedback for program improvement. If you are a graduate of the interpreting program, either from the BS degree or the MS degree, please stay in contact with us! Your feedback is valuable in our effort to continuously refine and improve all areas of our program: curriculum, faculty performance, technology and online delivery, and Deaf community alliance.


If you are (1) a graduate of the program and have opinions about your experience at UNF, (2) an employer of a UNF interpreting program graduate, or (3) a stakeholder of interpreting services (e.g., Deaf consumer, agency, school system), you do not have to wait for a survey to arrive in your inbox. Contact us anytime with your suggestions by emailing the program at


The interpreting program is committed to responding to alumni and stakeholder feedback, so please let us hear from you. This website will document your feedback and the program's responses to that feedback.

Previous Feedback

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