Urban Professional Development Schools

Teacher Mini Grant


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The UNF Center for Urban Education and Policy (CUEP) invites Duval County Public School teachers working in any of the four Northeast Florida Urban Professional Development School (UPDS) Partnership sites to submit proposals for the inaugural UPDS Teacher Mini Grant Initiative. Funding for this project is made possible through donations to the UNF Foundation, Inc.  UPDS partner schools currently include:


  1. Kings Trail Elementary
  1. Lake Shore Middle
  1. West Jacksonville Elementary
  1. Woodland Acres Elementary


    The UPDS Teacher Mini Grant Initiative is designed to support the work of UPDS teachers and other partners to facilitate student learning. The grant proposal should demonstrate a collaborative venture that enhances children’s learning in the Urban Professional Development Schools. Therefore, applicant must be a teacher at a UPDS working in collaboration with one or more of the following: another teacher at same or different UPDS, business, UNF faculty or students, community based organization, church, parent or caregiver, etc.

    The awarded project(s) and team(s) will be publicized on the website and other appropriate venues of the Center for Urban Education and Policy.