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What We Do:

The center’s goals include:


1. Increasing the visibility of COEHS urban education initiatives:

  • Provide branding for the College's urban education focus.
  • Facilitate the development of information and research that is easily accessible and presented in a user-friendly manner.


2. Creating a community of faculty, staff, and students within the University devoted to urban education research and outreach.

  • Provide an affiliation for faculty involved in research and outreach efforts relative to urban education.
  • Identify and facilitate discussions among collaborative work groups relative to specific urban research and outreach projects.
  • Work collaboratively with the COEHS academic departments to identify research opportunities in urban education appropriate for graduate students doing dissertation and thesis projects.


3. Attracting new sources of funding:

  • Identify potential funding opportunities (federal, state, local, foundation).
  • Serve as a College resource for grant writing.
  • Provide an overarching structure to support and manage funded projects for the Colleges' urban education activities.


4. Allowing for the expansion of urban-based programs, applied research and policy initiatives:

  • Expand urban school partnerships.
  • Increase applied research that addresses local Issues.
  • Enhance educational equity and policy initiatives.
  • Strengthen existing teacher education, leadership and other human services programs.
  • Develop urban education leaders of the future.


5. Leveraging the impact of the COEHS Dean's Education Advisory Council:

  • Provide focus and energy for strategic planning and recruiting.
  • Foster the development of creative collaborations between COEHS and the community.
  • Cultivate potential donors.


6. Creating a new sense of partnership with community stakeholders

  • Promote and initiate collaborative projects focused on local education needs.
  • Model collaborative approaches to addressing difficult issues in the local community.
  • Identify opportunities to build community linkages.
  • Become a centralized resource for urban education activities.