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Center for Urban Education and Policy

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Mission statement for The Center for Urban Education and Policy at UNF

We believe in empowering schools and communities by uniting strengths, inviting advocacy, and inspiring innovation.

The CUEP supports UNF's instruction, research, and service programs by:

  • providing quality education for socially and economically disenfranchised groups;
  • applying culturally sustainable research related to the education, recruitment, retention and advancement of urban teachers and school administrators;
  • facilitating faculty research that advances the academic conversation, improves evidence base educational practices and informs educational policy;
  • collaborating with communities to strengthen educational outcomes and quality of life;

The CUEP is guided by these five axioms:

  1. The people closest to the issues in schools and communities are best situated to discover answers to local concerns
  2. Learning and leadership are dynamic social processes
  3. Conversations are critical and central pedagogical processes
  4. Crossing boundaries enriches development and educational processes
  5. Hope and change are built on assets and dreams of locals and their communities

Social Justice Flyer

The CUEP is excited to announce our first annual Social Justice Series that we will be holding in partnership with University of Florida and University of North Georgia on July 24th and 25th at The Schultz Center. Please see the attached flyer for more information on the conference and the guest speaker. We encourage you to attend this conference as well as share it with students, teachers, as well as community members. This conference is not just for educators it is for anyone who feels passionately about issues of social justice and equity. Please also check out a link to the guest speaker, Dr. Regina Bradley's TED Talk.